Don’t Bet These Super Bowl 2021 Lines!

Don't Bet These Super Bowl 2021 Lines!
Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs slides for a first down against the Buffalo Bills. Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images/AFP

For the Big Game, there seem to be as many betting options as snowflakes on a wintry day in Kansas City. While the choices are as tempting as all the appetizers on display at your house Super Bowl 2021, there are those best left alone.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, February 07, 2021 – 06:30 PM EST at Raymond James Stadium

The number of NFL odds are ramping up daily for the Super Bowl, bringing forth a host of wagering opportunities outside of the game spread and total. Of course, not all bets are created equal and the wisest of sports bettors will dissect where the best opportunities are.

That leads to this. Whether you are a novice or an experienced football bettor, the Super Bowl smorgasbord of betting choices is astronomical. The creativity is astounding and quite delectable. However, it is best to find an edge, not one you think you know, but one that is researched and you are certain that gives you an edge.

In truth, many of us from SBR were born at night, but not last night and we completely understand that almost everyone making bets will not do what we recommend. That’s fine, as long as you have the money budgeted to lose on Super Sunday, you should have fun. We don’t want to be Debbie Downer, yet, at the same time we do not want you to just throw away money on even bets that entice bettors. That’s all.  

Have an Edge on Super Bowl Bets

As of Jan. 28th, Intertops (visit our Intertops Review) and some other online sportsbooks have Kansas City at -3.5 with a total of 56.5. If your preference is Tampa Bay, now is the time to snap up the +3.5 because outside of an injury, the line will be bouncing back and forth as it has between 3 and 3.5.

At the same time, if you are on the Chiefs, do not back them at -3.5, since you need to avoid losing on the half-point hook. Instead, show patience and take K.C. at the -3 and shop around for the best juice on your pick. If a book or bookie has Kansas City at -3 (-125) and you know you can grab Andy Reid’s crew at -3 (-115 to -120), why pay extra? Always remember, don’t give the books an edge on your losses.

Avoid 50-50 Super Bowl Wagers

While we agree the side and total on the Big Game and any contest for that matter are designed to have split down the middle action, you can look to find edges for your sports betting that could place the odds in your favor.

A case in point is a very popular bet for the Super Bowl – The Coin Toss. We understand that is a fun bet to make and if you are betting $5, what’s the big deal, it’s part of the festivities. Here is our question, if you could, would you bet the coin toss on the Bengals vs Steelers in Week 5? That’s what we thought, avoid it.

Another wager to stay away from is betting who wins the second, third or fourth quarters before the game. While you might like one team for the entire contest, how you get to the final result could be an unforeseen path. Better to do in-game wagering here because you can see what is going on and make a more educated selection. Also, these wagers typically come with (-125) juice.

If Alternate Lines is something that grabs your attention, much like a teaser bet, just for one specific game, consider this. Don’t take more points to cover a straight bet, in this case, +3 or +3.5, because a +7.5 might sound good and put you in an advantageous position. However, playing (-250) to win a $100 offers little value. Instead, if you are convinced Kansas City or Tampa Bay by your numbers can win by a touchdown or more, do a -6.5 with (+140) odds and enhance your payout, though the value of those NFL Picks is not great.

Stay Away from Guess Bets

In this category, do not waste money on wagers that involve game situations that are no different than a coin toss.

We could include an entire list, instead, we will post some of the more popular ones from year to year that attract money, yet have dead even odds before the game is played.

  • Team(s) Final Score Ends on Even or Odd
  • What Team Calls First Time Out
  • What Team Has First Penalty
  • What Team Misses First Field Goal
  • What Team Has 1st First Down
  • Time on the Clock For 1st Score of the Game (based on ranges)

You get the drift, what information would allow you to have the NFL betting lines potentially in your favor? In the end, we encourage you to enjoy the game, make the smartest football bets you can, and don’t be duped into emotional wagering that will only cost you money.


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