Best Soccer Betting Apps 2021

Soccer is the world’s most-watched and best-loved sport. The beautiful game’s popularity is even on the rise in the USA, which would help explain the recent influx of wagers coming in on soccer betting apps nationwide. To help these newcomers confidently place bets whilst out and about, we’ve decided to produce an entire article on the subject.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about soccer betting apps, beginning with a comprehensive list of the very best available.

Best Soccer Betting Apps

Best Soccer Betting Apps list 2021

  • MyBookie – Detailed soccer betting strategy guides and tips written by gambling pros; betting options for practically every major soccer league and tournament imaginable, and a lucrative $1,000 deposit bonus when you sign up
  •  BetOnline – soccer betting lines open nice and early; fast payouts; high limits & bet functionality – all serve to make this a top soccer betting app
  •  Bovada – Stylish and easy-to-navigate soccer betting app that features tons of optionality when it comes to soccer betting lines and prop bets
  •  BetUS –  over 50 separate soccer leagues available to bet on; tons of prop betting options; soccer betting strategy guides and tips galore, and a lucrative $2,500 deposit bonus all help make this sportsbook one of the very best available on the market
  •  Intertops – Revamped and enhanced live betting specialist app that features countless soccer leagues from around the globe and dishes out soccer-related bonuses across a multitude of game lines
  •– provides superb access to stats on both soccer betting futures and live betting markets, making it easier to wager good bets. Plus, fan blasts, ACCA boosts, and build-a-bets are all available for ‘football’ matches
  •  XBet– Offers newcomers a $500 deposit bonus and provides highly competitive soccer sports betting odds
  •  SportsBetting– newcomers to the site can look forward to a $1,000 deposit bonus and deep prop betting markets for soccer games
  •  GT Bets– 150% sign-up bonus; bitcoin deposits/payments available. Plus, Round Robin, teasers, and parlay betting options to hand on betting markets across a plethora of soccer leagues and tournaments
  •  BetDSI – potential to receive a $2,500 bonus each time you make a deposit & a loyalty program that dishes out competitive rewards

Best Soccer Betting Apps Reviewed

Finding the right betting app can be subjective – ultimately it depends on what markets you want to wager on; how you want to deposit/withdraw funds; how important the app’s look and feel is, and so on.

Your best bet is to pick an app that suits you and your process. Nonetheless, we’ve listed our favorite five below for your convenience and to give you an idea of what to look out for.

MyBookie – Perfect Combo of Soccer Betting Strategy and Optionality

Of all the soccer betting apps, MyBookie is probably the easiest to download and install, and it probably boasts among the deepest soccer markets too, with something like 40 leagues in play on any given Saturday.

The Mybookie app also contains numerous blogs and articles, enabling you to hatch your perfect soccer betting strategy before you go wager your actual cash – it’s a sportsbook that genuinely tries to give its customers a competitive edge; not all sportsbooks do this.

Finally, the MyBookie bonus codes and the current $1,000 deposit bonus offered to all signups make this soccer betting app an absolute shoo-in for newcomers. Plus, if you strike it lucky with that deposit bonus bet, MyBookie almost always pays out within 24 hours of the request, which is quicker than most.


  • Deep soccer betting markets on multiple leagues/tournaments around the globe
  • Easy to download, install, and navigate the app
  • Many articles/blogs donated to soccer betting strategy and picks
  • $1,000 deposit bonus for new users
  • Highly competitive soccer betting odds; among the best around


  • Soccer betting lines sometimes remain broadcast long after the game is finished, which can be confusing

BetUS – One of the Best Soccer Betting Apps for Markets and Game Lines

This well-designed soccer app is nicely laid out, and highly functional. The interface isn’t perhaps as attractive as some of the others to look at. But, with great odds broadcast quickly, uncountable tournaments to bet on, and deep market optionality on both soccer betting lines and prop bets, BetUS ranks highly in our list.

BetUS is also crammed full of strategies and tips in the form of blogs, vlogs, and articles for soccer betting picks; it offers the biggest welcome bonus we’ve encountered – a matched deposit worth up to $2,500, and it runs all kinds of fun and interesting competitions throughout the season, including a parlay challenge in which bettors compete against each other for cash.


  • Soccer betting odds are competitive across all game lines
  • Live betting is available for a multitude of competitions
  • BetUS often broadcasts soccer betting odds earlier than many other apps
  • Blog/article pages littered with great soccer betting tips and advice
  • $2,500 matched deposit bonus is the most lucrative we’ve seen anywhere


  • Stylistically, the soccer betting app lags behind some of the competition

Bovada – Deep Soccer Betting Prop Markets

If you’re looking for a slick betting experience courtesy of a smooth user interface and 24-hour customer support, the Bovada soccer betting app might just be for you. It’s a trustworthy and secure sportsbook, too, paying out on time and adding extra layers of security at sign-in compared to the competition.

Where wagering on soccer is concerned, Bovada provides tons of optionality. The app keeps you updated with all the latest news bulletins; boasts deep betting markets, and a plethora of live prop betting options. There are plenty of Bovada promo codes and bonuses to get stuck into, too, including a 75% bonus that’s worth up to $750 for users making their first Bitcoin deposit.


  • Deep prop betting markets and tons of optionality on soccer betting spreads
  • An extra layer of security protects customers when logging in on the mobile app
  • $750 bitcoin deposit bonus
  • Competitive soccer betting odds
  • Stylish and user-friendly – certainly one of the best looking soccer betting apps we’ve come across


  • Customer service response times can be slow

Intertops – Live & In-Play Soccer Specialist 

The new version of the Intertops soccer betting app is simple to download and install. The improved user interface provides bettors with a more enjoyable gambling experience than the older models: the layout is clearer; looks crisper, the betting information is arranged better and, thus, the app is much easier to navigate.  These stylistic improvements, coupled with the fact that Intertops has always broadcast highly competitive odds for all sports, including soccer, have helped to propel the Intertops app towards the top of the charts.

Aside from all that, the true success story of Intertops soccer betting app is concerning the optionality – there is a multitude of prop betting markets open for patrons to enjoy when wagering on the beautiful game, including the matchwinner, half-time result, team to win 1-0, winning margin, outcome, and totals. Plus, all the player prop bets you could shake a stick at in the soccer live betting arena.

Using the Intertops bonus code of ROOKIE100 also entitles newcomers to a 100% deposit bonus, which is a nice touch, too.


  • A soccer sports betting app that’s easy to install and get to grips with
  • Highly competitive soccer betting odds
  • Deep prop markets for soccer betting futures (outrights & match)
  • Red Hot In-Play offers during live betting
  • 100% deposit bonus


  • Welcome bonus not as lucrative as other soccer betting sites

BetOnline – Best of all Soccer Betting Apps for Wagering on Futures

With 20 years of experience in the sportsbook gambling arena in its locker, it should be little wonder that BetOnline continues to raise the bar with its products. The recently upgraded and revamped soccer betting app is a fine example of this – it looks great!

Where soccer is concerned, the live betting aspect is a particular focus of BetOnline. The sportsbook serves up a detailed prop market for both players and teams and a subsequent plethora of live betting options for practically all the major leagues and international tournaments. The soccer betting futures market runs deep during the offseason, too: in the EPL it’s possible to wager on such markets as championship winner, top 4 finish, top 6 finish, relegation, and so forth. BetOnline broadcasts some of the best odds available for these markets, too.

Newcomers to the mobile soccer betting app can look forward to a $50 free play when placing the first bet, meaning BetOnline will return the money if you lose. There’s also a 5% bitcoin boost when you make a crypto deposit, and the BetOnline bonus code of CRYPTO100 gifts a 100% crypto bonus, too.


  • An updated soccer betting app that’s much easier and more fun to use
  • Live updates of scores and important team/player news
  • Deep prop betting markets for live soccer betting
  • Plenty of optionality on the soccer betting futures market
  • 100% crypto bonus for newcomers to the site


  • Better welcome bonuses available on other soccer betting apps

What are the best selling points of Soccer Betting Apps?

When we’re ranking our favorite soccer betting apps, first and foremost we’re focusing on the following features: trust, ease of use, visuals, download, speed, and payments. In our opinion, these are criteria that a good sportsbook simply must ensure it gets right before we’ll even go near it.

  1. Trust –  always ensure you’ve chosen a soccer betting app that is well-reviewed and legally allowed to operate in your state of residence. Effective, well-reviewed customer service falls under this category, too
  2. Download – the downloading process should be free, simple to execute, and fast
  3. Ease of Use – soccer betting apps that are complicated to navigate, have details scattered around everywhere, or that contain zero soccer betting information – besides just the odds – are best left avoided – there are too many sportsbooks that excel at all this – don’t waste your time on poor quality products
  4. Visuals – we’re always looking for a slick-looking user interface, actual soccer imagery, and team logos, and at least some effort put into the graphics in the live betting arena. Ultimately, these facets just make the betting experience on soccer betting sites/apps more enjoyable, as all hobbies should be!
  5. Speed – a good soccer betting app should be fast: it needs to broadcast up-to-the-minute news, update the latest live odds, and get its futures to market nice and quickly
  6. Payments – of course, we all want to be able to deposit/withdraw money quickly from our chosen soccer betting apps, and all the sportsbooks listed enable users to do this. Where things get slightly more subjective, however, is how bettors wish to deposit/withdraw – some want to use credit cards; others cash; others still Ripple or PayPal. The more options a sportsbook provides, the better. But it does ultimately depend on the needs of the individual (payment methods listed in the table below for your convenience)
Sportsbook Trust Ease of Use Visuals Speed Downloading Payments
MyBookie 100% safe & verified The app works perfectly; odds listed logically An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Moneygram
BetUS 100% safe & verified The app is simple to navigate and placing bets is simple An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit, Cash Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank Wire Transfer
Bovada 100% safe & verified Best looking app; most stylized & easiest to navigate Best-looking app with the slickest graphics on live betting Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Debit, Bitcoin, Moneygram, Transfer
Intertops 100% safe & verified The newly updated app is laid out much better; easy to use Stylistically, a much-improved app with a friendlier user interface Live betting updates quickly but slow to broadcast odds for some events Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Crypto, Ukash
BetOnline 100% safe & verified The app is easy to use and navigate… site not so much (since the update) Stylistically, a much-improved app with better graphics than the old version Updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit Card, Money Order, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Wire, Check

Best iPhone Soccer Betting App

The BetOnline soccer betting app is about as good as it gets on the iPhone. It’s only recently been updated, so visually it’s very appealing; the graphics for live betting look fantastic and are now optimized for mobile display, and it’s all safe, verified, and well-reviewed by its own customer base, as you’d expect.

Multiple leagues are available for wagers on the BetOnline iPhone app. Bettors can dive in on the soccer betting spreads, totals, and over/under game lines; plus there are multiple futures markets, deep prop markets, and there’s live soccer betting, too – the app has everything a person needs to place an enjoyable wager on soccer games.

BetOnline’s 25% risk-free player props wager is also one of our favorite deals at present. This bonus deal allows bettors to cast a free prop bet on one of the Messi’s of this world to score a goal (for example). BetOnline then matches said wager with a Free Play that’s worth up to $25 should a loss be incurred.

Best Android Soccer Betting App

MyBookie’s android betting app is perfect for wagering on professional soccer. The user interface might not look as attractive as some of the competition, but it’s totally hassle-free, it’s easy-to-navigate the menus, and simple to find and wager on the specific football match you’re looking for – the layouts are highly organized. It’s also possible to gain instant access to the MyBookie mobile sportsbook interface – you don’t even need to download it (you can, but you don’t have to).

As mentioned in the reviews, the MyBookie soccer sports betting app provides a host of wagering options, ranging from the staple game lines (moneyline, over/under, spread) to futures, soccer live betting, and deep prop markets for teams and players.

On top of all that, the MyBookie soccer sports betting app also doubles up as a live casino, meaning double the fun for those who enjoy a game of roulette or a few spins on the slots in-between their games of ‘footy.’

Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer betting odds tend to come in three forms: the moneyline, the spread, and total points (under/over). To explain the three types of bet, direct your eyes to the image above that features the soccer game lines for the CONCACAF Cup game between the USA and Qatar.

Soccer Moneyline Betting

  • Wagering on the soccer moneyline is straightforward: you’re just predicting the winner of a game. In the above image, bookmakers have set the USA odds of -103 to beat Qatar, making the Americans the favorites for this encounter. A minus number on the moneyline (-103) means that a bettor must risk $103 to make a $100 profit. With odds of +295, Qatar has been listed as the heavy betting underdog for the match. A figure preceded by a plus number means that you wager $100 to win that amount. So, in this case, betting $100 on Qatar to win pays out $295 profit should they get a result.

Soccer Spread Betting

  • Soccer spread betting is slightly more taxing than wagering on the moneyline, but far from rocket science. Oddsmakers compare two teams (in this case the USA and Qatar), decide which team is the favorite/underdog, and then create a spread based on how many goals they expect a team to win/lose by. The USA is the favorite here and the team has been set a spread of -1/2, which means the oddsmakers have challenged them to win by more than one goal. Qatar, the underdogs, have been set a spread of +1/2. If a bettor wagers on Qatar and the team either wins the game or loses by one goal or less, the bet will come in with the listed odds of -120.

Soccer Total Points Betting

  • The soccer total points market is easy enough to get to grips with. The oddsmakers work out the combined number of goals (both teams) they expect to see scored in a game and then attribute each team an over/under + number. In the USA vs. Qatar example, you’ll notice these figures are O2.5 for the USA and U2.5 for Qatar. If you wager on the American line (O2.5) and the final score is 4-1 (5 goals scored), you would win. If you wagered on the Qatar line (U2.5), and the game ends 4-1 (5 goals), you’d lose your money; if it ended a drab 0-0, you’d win, and so on.

Soccer Betting Lines (Comparison)

Sportsbooks offer marginally different soccer betting odds on their respective apps. Because of this, it’s generally good practice to open up several accounts: firstly because it provides an opportunity to shop around for the best odds on the night, and secondly because there are sign-up deals and bonuses galore on each soccer betting app and you’d just as well take the free money offer.

In the table below, you’ll see the soccer betting odds for the outright winner of the 2021-22 EPL – the best odds for each team have been highlighted in bold.

Futures Odds to Win the 2021-22 English Premier League (Comparison)



Manchester City Manchester United Chelsea FC

West Ham United



+550 +500




+800 +500




+600 +500




+800 +500




+800 +500


For anyone wishing to wager on Chelsea or West Ham United to lift the Premier League crown, it’s an open market – the odds are identical across all five sportsbooks. For Manchester City and Manchester United, there is some difference across the platforms, however.

BetOnline comes out on top here, offering the best (or joint best) odds for all four teams, so, for ease of time, it’s certainly worth paying the BetOnline sportsbook a visit if you’re planning to wager on EPL futures.

Soccer Futures Betting

When you wager on a soccer future (or ‘outright,’ as in the Intertops example above), know that you are betting on the outcome of a game/tournament long in advance of its conclusion – that’s the basic principle.

Because the outcome of a distant event is so hard to predict, betting on futures can often lead to enhanced odds, which is why it’s such a popular market.

There are many different variations of futures when soccer is concerned, so we’ve detailed a few of the most popular ones below to give you a taste of the market

  • Betting On the Competition Winner – This is undoubtedly the most popular way to wager on soccer futures and probably the easiest, too. The soccer betting odds will be on the moneyline, and your job is just to pick the winner of a specific league or tournament: England to win the World Cup; Chelsea to win the Premier League, or – shock horror – Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga. As a simple example, Manchester United is +800 to win the EPL in 2021-22. If you wager $100 on this, and Bruno Fernandes and co. kick into gear and go on to lift the title, you’d win $800. If Liverpool or anyone else wins the EPL, you lose your money. Most of the best soccer betting apps have futures markets open for multiple leagues (often 30+), so just do your research, check the odds and place your bets.

Soccer futures run much deeper than just a simple wager on the winner of a league or tournament, though: there are tons more options than that on both the teams and players markets, depending on which sportsbook you frequent.

Below we’ve listed the most common soccer futures (outrights) for teams…

  • Team to be relegated – unlike in the NFL or NBA, each year, 3-4 teams end up being relegated from soccer leagues, meaning they go down one division. Check out the odds and bet on the team you think will struggle the most
  • Team to stay up – the scrap at the bottom of the table can make for almost as compelling viewing as the fight for championship honors at the top. As such, it’s possible to wager on a low-ranking team to stay in the division. Intertops has Brentford FC at -154 to stay in the EPL, for example.
  • Team to be promoted – Beneath the EPL is League One; below Serie A is Serie B. Teams in League One (England) and Serie B (Italy) are fighting to get into the top league and you can bet on whether or not they will make it, either through winning the league, coming 2nd or by way of the playoffs (3rd – 6th go into a playoff knockout format)

Several of our favored soccer betting apps also run futures for players. The most common are as follows:

  • Most goals scored – which player scores the most goals through the entirety of a league or tournament
  • Most assists – which player sets up the most goals

Soccer Prop Betting Market

Soccer proposition bets (prop bets) are numerous and fun. These bets don’t necessarily impact the outcome of the result; instead, you’re just wagering on the likelihood of something happening during the game. Generally, soccer prop bets are split into three separate markets:

  • Which player will score the first goal?
  • Which player will score the last goal?
  • Which player will receive the first booking (yellow card/red card)?
  • Which player will score the most goals?
  • Which player will be voted man of the match?

As an example, you might see Cristiano Ronaldo listed on the soccer prop market with odds of -150 to score the first goal vs. A.C. Milan. If you think Ronaldo is nailed on to score, place your bets – it’s that simple.

Some soccer betting sportsbooks offer bettors the chance to wager on simple Yes/No bets, too, especially when it’s a big game. Such examples might include options like:

  • Will Lionel Messi score?
  • Will Sergio Ramos get a yellow card/sent off?
  • Will Bruno Fernandes score a hat-trick?

Occasionally, matchup bets are broadcast, too. Here you’re betting on player vs. player, so you’ll see options like:

  • Will Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi score more goals in the game/season?
  • Will Granit Xhaka or Luke Shaw commit more fouls in the match? (and so on).
  • 2. Goal-Based Soccer Props

Examples of goal-based wagers available on the soccer prop betting market are listed below:

  • Which will be the first team to score
  • When will the first goal be scored
  • Will the game/half end with odd or even goals
  • Will there be goals in both halves of a given match
  • 3. Soccer Live Betting Props

When wagering live and in-play, there are even more prop betting options to choose from. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Over/under on game/team corners
  • Over/under total cards
  • Winning margin
  • Method of victory (penalties/extra time/ volley/ header, etc).

For a more detailed explanation of live soccer betting, see the segment below:

Soccer Live Betting

Live soccer betting is a popular market that allows for bettors to place wagers whilst the game is in progress, whereas traditional betting takes place before the whistle is blown for kick-off.

Each of the five soccer betting sites/apps reviewed up the page has live betting capabilities, enabling bettors to wager on in-play on all the big leagues, as well as some weird and wonderful leagues from around the world that few of us have ever heard of.

As mentioned in the previous segment on prop betting, soccer live betting apps feature deep markets, crammed full of interesting prop bets – it feels like you could bet on just about anything – from who scores the next goal to how many corners will there be in the next 10 minutes; the options seem limitless.

The basic soccer betting lines remain the same in live betting scenarios (moneyline, spread, and total points), but it is worth noting that the games are suspended temporarily on occasion whilst sportsbooks frantically restructure their odds – other than that, betting on live soccer is a simple enough process. Plus there are advantages to it too, including:

  • A wider selection of betting options – deeper prop betting markets when live and in-play
  • More stats and soccer betting information onscreen – helps you to execute your soccer betting strategy
  • An improved chance of finding value – the odds are in constant flux; trust your gut and look for value

With reference to the five soccer betting apps that we’ve been looking at today, BetOnline and MyBookie both offer superb experiences when live betting on soccer games.

MyBookie boasts great odds, tons of soccer betting strategy guides, and possibly has more markets open than any of the other sportsbooks detailed.

The soccer betting sportsbook BetOnline has slicker graphics, more stats on display, and marginally better odds. But, honestly, you can’t really go wrong with either of them.

Soccer Betting Promotions

To help our readers take advantage of the very best deals, we’ve listed out the best promotions on offer at our top 5 soccer betting apps and also noted a few of the most enticing soccer betting bonus codes, competitions, etc. that each sportsbook has released recently. Codes and comps are, of course, likely to change and might not be exactly as they are by the time you get around to reading this, but we’ve included them anyway since they do give you an idea of the types of promos run by each of our ranked soccer betting apps.

Check your preferred sportsbook around the time you’re hoping to make a bet to see what exactly is available; chances are they’ll be broadcasting similar deals to those listed.

  • MyBookie – a $1,000 deposit bonus; a 25% sport reload bonus; a 10% cash bonus that’s worth up to $200, and that’s just for starters. MyBookie also has a VIP program and regularly enables patrons to wager risk-free bets on the biggest soccer matches – just keep an eye out for the codes nearer the time
  • BetOnline – this sportsbook offers a 25% welcome bonus worth up to $1,000 to new signups. It also regularly dishes out free bets and currently provides newcomers to its soccer betting app a free $50 wager
  • BetUS – the BetUS soccer betting sportsbook’s gigantic 250% deposit bonus, which can be worth up to $2,500 in free bets, is the most lucrative we’ve seen anywhere. On top of that, there’s a 150% crypto bonus on offer, as well as numerous soccer bonus codes that get broadcast in tandem with the biggest games – check the site nearer the time to see what’s what
  • Bovada – clearly a soccer betting app that’s eager to jump on board the crypto-train, Bovada offers a 75% crypto deposit bonus worth up to $750; a second 250% bitcoin bonus worth up to $1,250, and a regular deposit bonus of $250.
  • Intertops – 20x $50 free bets and a generous referral bonus each time a bettor drags a friend along to the sportsbook party, keeps Intertops relevant when discussing sportsbook bonuses. The $250 deposit bonus isn’t as enticing as some of the other soccer betting apps. But when combined with the aforementioned offers, joining the app becomes a far more lucrative proposition than it may first appear

Extra Features of the Best Soccer Betting Apps

There are other features besides the interface and the lines that help make up the very best soccer betting apps. Most of the best apps will also contain the following features, so keep an eye out for them when selecting your preferred sportsbook.

  • Blogs & soccer betting picks – the truly top soccer betting apps provide their customer bases with instant access to soccer betting strategy, picks, and betting tips. Sportsbooks such as BetUS and MyBookie are famed for the volume of information they gift their patrons – there’s tons of reading material on both sites, helping bettors to sketch out and execute winning soccer betting strategies
  • Stats – the detailed stats, such as recent team/player performance and in-game performance during a specified match tend to be broadcast during live soccer betting scenarios. Sites such as BetOnline are chocked full of stats once the game goes live. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to sift through the metrics and analytics before risking your dollars, make sure your sportsbook provides you with the necessary stats to do so.
  • Competitions – BetOnline and MyBookie are both notorious for running sports competitions. As you can see in the image above, BetOnline ran a $10,000 Euro predictor during Euro2020; oftentimes the best apps give away free soccer betting picks and even free tickets to games – just check out the sportsbook of your choice during the week of the big match to see exactly what’s on offer

Soccer Betting Tips

It’s possible to write books on the subject of soccer betting tips, and many have done so. But here are three of the best soccer betting tips just to get you started:

Manage your Bankroll

  • Don’t just throw all your eggs in one basket and go for a wild $1,000 bet on Real Madrid to beat Barcelona. You’ve got a 50% chance of losing all your cash flow in one go if your prediction doesn’t pan out. Try not to bet more than 10% of your pot on any one line. Of course, there’s a risk of suffering what daytraders call ‘the death by 1000 cuts,’ but, ultimately, making smaller wagers keeps you in the game for longer, helps you to hone your skills, and enables you to take advantage of more promos and bonuses served up your soccer betting app – it’s the wiser choice overall.

Bet on the Favorites if they Fall a Goal Behind

  • Comebacks happen with some regularity in professional football and with even more regularity when a top team like Manchester United falls a goal down to relative minnow. The odds on a United win tend to slip immediately in the live-betting arena, giving bettors a chance to jump in with better odds on a victory. Obviously, you’ll need to do your research – try to pick teams that have a recent history of bouncing back, but this is a proven soccer betting strategy and well worth adding to your repertoire.

Bet on the Number of Goals Scored

  • Another of many useful soccer betting tips is to research a team’s average goals scored/conceded per game and to wager on the total points market (goals scored). Teams that have issues scoring and generally average a goal per game tend to carry this form with them throughout the season. This is a particularly worthwhile strategy if you can locate an alternate total points market that has a wild Over/Under, like O2.5/U2.5 when betting on two teams that barely average a goal per game between them. Again, utilizing your app and doing some research before making the bet is key. But this is a soccer betting tip that, with a little bit of luck, does work if executed properly.

Most Popular Soccer Leagues and Tournaments

It’s not like there’s much corruption going on in the soccer world these days, certainly not out on the field, and especially since the arrival of VAR. But, that said, for the sake of your soccer betting strategy, it’s usually better to stick to the most popular (and most harshly scrutinized) leagues and tournaments – as it is with any sport.

The best leagues and tournaments are better advertised, televised in higher quality, and in more countries. The teams and players are better, so you’re watching the best possible product, and, most importantly, the premier tournaments are more likely to have odds feature across all soccer betting apps.

You don’t want to be sat scratching your head on sportsbook X because it’s not broadcasting odds for your hot tip for the Azerbaijan Premier league – stick to the big leagues, such as these:

Popular Club Leagues for Soccer Betting

  • Premier League (England)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)

There are other good leagues; this is by no means a conclusive list – Brazil, Argentina, USA, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Scotland, and many other countries boast highly competitive leagues. But the majority of the world’s best players play in those listed in the bullets above.

These leagues are easier to tune into on TV; have markets open on every sportsbook imaginable, and are much easier to research, too. Unless you live in Japan and know everything about the J-League, at the best, stick to what you know, and at the worst, stick to what’s easy to find out!

Popular Club Tournaments for Soccer Betting

The same logic applies to club tournaments, the best of which are listed below:

  • European: Champions League and UEFA Cup
  • South America: Copa Libertadores
  • England: FA Cup, League Cup
  • Spain: Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana
  • Italy: Coppa Italia
  • Germany: DFB-Pokal
  • France: Coupe De France

Again, there are other fantastic competitions in countries like Brazil and the Netherlands, too. We’re just listing the most popular cup competitions to bet on.

Popular International Tournaments for Soccer Betting

Finally, there are the international tournaments, which generally take place once every four years; are always amazing fun to watch and just as much fun to bet on using soccer betting apps. The most famous international tournaments are as follows:

  • The World Cup
  • The Euros
  • Copa America
  • African Cup of Nations
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • Plus the qualifiers for all of the above competitions

Best Soccer Betting Apps Conclusion

It’s our hope that this article has helped to demonstrate to our readers exactly what they should be looking out for when selecting a new soccer betting app. But, in case you’ve skimmed to the bottom, just ensure your chosen app is safe; pays out as per your requirements; is compatible with your mobile device, and that the user interface is easy to navigate and, preferably, fun to use.

On the betting side of things, obviously, you’ll want as many soccer betting lines open as possible, deep prop markets, competitive odds, and remember that apps posting soccer betting strategies and tips don’t hurt either!

BetOnline is our personal favorite: the app itself is easy to download and use; the soccer betting options are well laid out, displayed prominently, and it’s simple to navigate the various sports and lines. The app features betting markets for all the major club and international leagues and tournaments, as well as deep prop betting markets across the board. Not to mention the fact that, overall, BetOnline generally broadcasts the most generous soccer odds, too.

By the time you factor in the $1,000 deposit bonus; the $50 risk-free bet, plus the fact this sportsbook is by far and away the most compatible with IOS, it’s hard to look past BetOnline’s soccer betting app – it really is most worthy of consideration.


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