Best Baseball Betting Apps – Get $5000+ in Free Bets

The biggest nights on the MLB calendar regularly pull in upwards of 30 million fans, who tune in to watch the action unfold on TV. With a significant percentage of these viewers now looking to wager on the sport, there’s never been a better time to deep-dive into the best baseball betting apps in the US.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about betting on a game of baseball. We’ll be detailing the best apps; game lines; odds, and everything else you could shake a stick at to help you make the right decisions with your time and money.

Top 10 Baseball Betting Apps List

Best Baseball Betting Apps List 2021

Here is our complete list of the top 10 Baseball betting apps in 2021:

  •  MyBookie – extremely quick to market with some of the best baseball betting odds; live betting on baseball is a key feature, and the sportsbook is chocked full of strategy guides, info, and baseball betting picks
  • Bovada – best looking and most polished user interface of all baseball betting apps covered; early to market with excellent baseball odds; enhanced security and a $750 crypto deposit bonus for newcomers
  •  BetOnline –  $1,000 deposit bonus to newcomers; revamped app & site is geared towards live betting and features an MLB live streaming option. Plus, there are tons of competitions, promos, and bonus codes on offer
  •  BetUS –  the biggest deposit bonus on offer anywhere, worth up to $2,500, and deep prop betting markets for MLB games, especially for live and in-play
  •  Intertops – reimagined sportsbook that’s geared towards baseball live betting and favorable odds
  •  XBet – deep baseball betting markets containing multiple game lines for all MLB contests, and a generous $500 deposit bonus
  • BetDSI – game lines open for every MLB game; stats easily accessible from the sportsbook, and patrons eligible for a $2,500 bonus each time they make a deposit
  •  SportsBetting –  $1,000 deposit bonus for newcomers to the app and favorable odds across baseball betting markets
  •  GT Bets – a generous 150% sign-up; run lines offered on each game. Plus, easy to use bet builders: Round Robin, teasers, and parlay betting features
  • – live baseball betting is available for all MLB games; deep prop markets and tons of stats and baseball betting info broadcast alongside the major lines

Top 5 Baseball Betting Apps Reviewed

Each of the baseball betting apps ranked above is legal to use in the majority of US states, offers safe deposits and withdrawals, and is entirely verified.

There are, however, subtle differences between the top 5 that could make all the difference to someone hoping to bet on a game of baseball.

The tech-heads among you might want high download speeds, crypto payment options, and the slickest user interface. and graphics. The more traditional gamblers might not care whatsoever about any of that and simply want the best odds. It’s entirely subjective, which is why we implore you to check out our reviews of the top 5 to see which app best resonates with you.

MyBookie – One of the Best Baseball Betting Apps for MLB Odds

MyBookie’s baseball betting app is an excellent choice for the more traditional bettor whose focus is more on value and optionality than it is style.

The app’s user interface, display, and graphics are beginning to look dated and could use an upgrade – it’s true. But that’s about where the complaints end. MyBookie is easy to download and install, well organized, and easy to navigate. On top of that, it offers baseball betting lines for every MLB contest, the Nippon League (Japan), and broadcasts highly competitive baseball betting odds – often among the very best available.

For those reading who value sportsbooks that provide MLB betting picks and tips, the user-friendly MyBookie app is crammed full of baseball betting info to help you make the right decisions.


  • Live baseball betting is available for all MLB games
  • Pages crammed full of strategy guides and baseball betting tips
  • $1,000 deposit bonus for newcomers
  • Highly competitive baseball betting odds
  • Deep prop markets for live, in-play MLB betting


  • Late to broadcast World Series odds
  • User interface/ graphics in need of an upgrade

BetOnline – One of the Only Baseball Betting Apps to live-stream MLB & $10,000 MLB Pick’Em!

Since giving its site and app a major upgrade, BetOnline has to be considered a ‘big leagues’ player when it comes to baseball betting sportsbooks. The app itself looks and feels superb now – it’s easy to install and navigate; organized logically, and, when live betting, presents bettors with an abundance of stats and analytics, enabling them to make wiser choices with their money.

Where the depth of market is concerned, BetOnline provides everything you’d want: it’s early to broadcast baseball betting futures; all game lines are open for every MLB game, as well as for multiple other leagues (Nippon, for example). Plus – perhaps most importantly – BetOnline really does broadcast great baseball betting odds; possibly the best online.

This baseball betting app also offers a host of great promotions for new and seasoned bettors to take advantage of, including a free-to-play $10,000 MLB Pick’Em contest, which is a heap of fun.


  • Live streaming MLB betting app; quality video feed
  • The updated app runs quickly, is well-organized, and looks great
  • Superb value on baseball betting odds – often the pick of the bunch
  • Up to $250 deposit bonus for new users
  • $25 risk-free player props wager
  • Live baseball betting app crammed full of stats and metrics
  • $10,000 MLB Pick’Em contest


  • Better welcome bonuses available elsewhere
  • The app works fine but the website can take a while to load

Bovada – Stylish Baseball Betting App & Deep Markets 

This is certainly one of the most stylish baseball betting apps available. The user interface and graphics – particularly when live betting – look great and help to add a layer of professionalism and fun to the sportsbook.

Bovada has markets open for countless baseball leagues, not just the MLB, and this app makes it simple to cast parlay bets across multiple games. There are an array of baseball betting lines to choose from (moneyline, run line, total points), the prop markets are deep across the board and the baseball betting odds are very competitive, too – usually ranking near the top.

Using the Bovada bonus code found via the link also entitles newcomers to a 75% crypto deposit bonus, too. So, if bitcoin is your thing, this could be the sportsbook for you.


  • Besides the MLB, Bovada covers numerous other baseball leagues – tons of optionality
  • $750 crypto deposit bonus
  • Highly competitive baseball betting odds
  • The best app in terms of graphics & user interface – it looks great
  • Mobile & live baseball betting


  • Great for crypto but does offer fewer banking options (overall) than the competition

BetUS – Deepest Prop Betting Markets of all Baseball Betting Apps & King of Baseball Betting Strategy

It’s impossible to discuss the best baseball betting apps without mentioning BetUS. This company is one of the most experienced market players and it shows. The sportsbook serves up possibly the deepest MLB prop betting market seen anywhere; is quick to market with its baseball betting futures, and even runs MLB-related competitions and contests throughout the season.

The app itself is a tiny bit dated when compared with some of the others here, but it doesn’t detract from the overall user experience – it’s quick to download; simple to install; easy to navigate; updates quickly, and it’s totally dependable.

What we believe sets BetUS apart from other, similar sportsbooks, though, is the commitment to baseball betting strategies and tips. You can find articles on just about every MLB game listed on the site and app; plus, tons of MLB betting picks and useful baseball betting info that’s written by gambling pros.


  • Early to market with baseball betting futures; competitive odds
  • Baseball live betting
  • Competitive baseball betting odds
  • Great strategy and baseball betting tips contained on-site/app
  • Baseball-related contests run throughout the year
  • Sign up bonus worth up to $2,500!


  • The app’s user interface isn’t as stylistically pleasing as some of the competition

Intertops – One of the Best Live Baseball Betting Apps

The revamped Intertops sportsbook and baseball betting app is easy to download; simple to install and navigate, and its secure banking system makes paying in and cashing out painless, too.

Where baseball is concerned, Intertops broadcasts excellent odds for every MLB game; the live betting arena updates quickly with competitive odds, and all the major game lines you’d expect to see (moneyline, spread, run line, etc.) are available to wager on.

Besides that, newcomers to this baseball betting app can use the Intertops bonus code of ROOKIE100 to earn a 100% deposit bonus, and, there’s a no deposit bonus of $20 available to all new patrons, too.


  • Highly competitive baseball betting odds
  • Red Hot In-Play offers are available during live betting
  • Easy to make parlay bets
  • Simple app to install, use, and navigate
  • Plenty of bonus codes and special offers keep things interesting
  • Provides bettors with an ability to see what other MLB lovers are wagering on


  • Onboarding bonuses aren’t as lucrative as some of the competition

What are the Best Selling Points of Baseball Betting Apps?

Obviously, we’re interested in the number of available markets, the odds, and the competitions – that goes without saying. But these features are more to do with the sportsbook in general and less to do with the app itself. When we’re ranking our favorite baseball betting apps, we tend to focus more on the absolute necessary criteria like trust, ease of use, visuals, download, speed, and payments.

An app failing to deliver in the aforementioned categories isn’t worth downloading in the first place – it doesn’t matter how great the MLB betting odds are if you can’t download the app or withdraw your payment.

  1. Trust – we only recommend safe, verified baseball betting apps that are legally entitled to operate in the US, that provide good customer service, and that protect your data/money. All ten of the baseball betting sites up the page score high in this category
  2. Download – simple, quick downloads and easy installations are a must
  3. Ease of Use – the last thing you want when you try to place a bet is to encounter any issues logging in; any issues locating the market you’re looking for; slow to update live odds that cause you to miss an opportunity; to be bombarded with adverts, and the like. We only recommend apps that are simple to use and that ensure that betting on baseball is as fast and simplistic as possible
  4. Visuals – we do prefer an app that includes baseball-related imagery (logos, etc.); that has a slick user interface and that puts effort into its live betting graphics. Though none of this stuff will necessarily help you win money, it does make for a superior user experience
  5. Speed – an app that loads quickly, provides up-to-the-minute news and quick updates to the latest odds when live betting is our preferred choice
  6. Payments – the more ways a sportsbook enables its customers to deposit and cash out of its app/ site, the better. Of course, whether you personally wish to use a VISA or BitCoin is entirely up to you. But, providing bettors with the optionality is what we’re grading these sportsbooks on
Sportsbook Trust Ease of Use Visuals Speed Downloading Payments
MyBookie 100% safe & verified The app works perfectly; odds listed logically An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Moneygram
BetUS 100% safe & verified The app is simple to navigate and placing bets is simple An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit, Cash Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank Wire Transfer
Bovada 100% safe & verified Best looking app; most stylized & easiest to navigate Best-looking app with the slickest graphics on live betting Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Debit, Bitcoin, Moneygram, Transfer
Intertops 100% safe & verified The newly updated app is laid out much better; easy to use Stylistically, a much-improved app with a friendlier user interface Live betting updates quickly but slow to broadcast odds for some events Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Crypto, Ukash
BetOnline 100% safe & verified The app is easy to use and navigate… site not so much (since the update) Stylistically, a much-improved app with better graphics than the old version Updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit Card, Money Order, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Wire, Check

Best Baseball Betting App for iPhone

Of all the baseball betting apps covered in today’s article. Bovada is probably our pick of the bunch on the iPhone.

The Bovada app’s betting interface and the way the markets & lines are presented just look better on this operating system than the competition does. The graphics when live betting is also way out ahead of the pack. It just feels like more effort has been channeled into optimizing the Bovada sportsbook for iOS and it shows when you compare it to its rivals

When it comes to baseball, it’s hard to imagine another app containing as much market optionality, or indeed as many prop betting options. You can bet on countless leagues from around the globe right throughout the year (including the Japanese Nippon Baseball League) and the odds are competitive; not the best but highly competitive.

Finally, we do have a few guys in the office who dabble in bitcoin, and the generous, crypto-oriented Bovada bonus codes were much appreciated across the board.

Best Baseball Betting App for Android

The new and improved BetOnline app is probably the most compatible with the Android interface.

Visually it’s up there with the Bovada app, especially with regards to the live-betting graphics and the volume and presentation of useful baseball statistics. It’s also really easy to navigate around the app: the layout is simple and there aren’t tons of ads cluttering things up like there are on some of the other apps, which is always appreciated.

This sportsbook definitely goes the extra mile with live betting. It features up-to-the-minute odds on a multitude of games and it’s possible to live stream MLB games in real-time while you bet. We feel that, when wagering using your mobile device, it’s probably the live betting aspect that’s the most important, which is why we give this app the advantage.

On top of that, this is a sportsbook that serves up plenty of extras. The BetOnline bonus codes can be lucrative, there are competitions running right throughout the MLB season, and you can play free $10,000 MLB Pick’Em via the app, too.

Understanding Baseball Betting Lines & Odds

A notable difference of baseball betting lines, when compared to most other popular American sports (NBA, NFL, etc.), is that there is an extra game line open, namely – the run line.

To learn more about the run line, as well as all the other game lines and how the odds work for each, we implore you to read this next segment.

Baseball Moneyline Wagers

  • Here, oddsmakers set a favorite and an underdog, before setting the odds accordingly. In the picture above, you’ll see, you’ll see the moneyline odds for Philadelphia Phillies set at -114 and the Washington Nationals set at +104. A number preceded by a minus symbol is your betting favorite and means that you must bet that amount (in this case $114) to win $100. A number preceded by a plus sign means that, should you wager $100, you will win that figure. So in this case, a $100 bet on the Nationals would pay out $104 in profit.

Baseball Runline Wagers

  • This line is unique and only found when wagering on a game of baseball. There often aren’t all that many runs registered in a game of MLB ball and even when there are, games can be tightly contested! So, big point spreads such as those seen over in the NBA, just don’t work. As a consequence of this, the runline is basically a low total spread that’s pretty much always set at 1.5 runs. As with a spread, the favorite in the game is challenged with winning by more than 1.5 runs (-1.5); the underdog is asked to win the game or lose by less than 1.5 runs (+1.5). The odds themselves are set on the moneyline. In the above image courtesy of BetUS, you’ll notice, for example, that the underdogs, the Nationals, have been set odds of -155 to win, or lose by less than 1.5 runs, meaning that though oddsmakers do not think they’ll win the game, they also aren’t expecting the Phillies to stuff them out of sight either – again, the MLB is a very competitive sports league.

Baseball Total Points Markets

  • Here, oddsmakers set an Over/Under number based on the total number of runs they expect the two teams to score combined. The bettor decides whether or not the teams will come in over or under that figure. The Phillies’ line is O8.5 and the Nationals U8.5. If the bettor wagers on the Nationals, for example, he/she is just predicting that there will be less than 8.5 total runs scored. So, if the game were to finish Phillies 4-2 Nationals, the bettor would win. If the game finished 5-4 to the Phillies, the bettor would lose.

Baseball Betting Moneyline Odds Comparison

A huge part of any successful betting strategy is locating the best odds for the lines you’re planning to wager on. It’s for this reason that we do suggest signing up to multiple sportsbooks – you only have to make small deposits to join most of them; you’ll be given bonuses galore each time you sign up to a new one, and registering at 3-4 separate baseball betting apps leaves you perfectly poised to take quick advantage of the best odds available, no matter where they are located.

In the table below, you’ll see a selection of odds for the 2021/22 Baseball World Series. The best odds for each team have been highlighted in bold. You’ll notice that MyBookie, despite being a lead player for baseball betting, is yet to broadcast odds for the world series.

MLB Betting Futures – 2021/22 World Series Winners Odds Comparison



Los Angeles Dodgers

Houston Astros San Diego Padres

New York Yankees


No odds broadcast

No odds broadcast No odds broadcast

No odds broadcast



+600 +675




+575 +1200




+400 +900




+450 +1000


As you can see, it’s Bovada that’s currently offering the best odds overall on the World Series.

But there really isn’t much in it. BetOnline is close behind and does offer better odds on other teams not listed. MyBookie runs off MLB Vegas Odds and always broadcasts great live betting odds (for example), so we’re confident enough to say that once this sportsbook does put up its world series numbers, they’ll be highly competitive.

The key thing to take away from all this is that it’s important to shop around, especially if you’re planning on putting down big money since slight differences in odds, can lead to $100s and $1000s of differences in profits/losses.

Baseball Betting Futures

An enjoyable way to place bets – one that’s certainly not as intense as sweating it out all evening with eyes glued to the live and in-play markets – is wagering on baseball betting futures.

Futures (or outright) bets are exactly as they sound: bettors are wagering on a conclusion that’s way off in the future somewhere; something we won’t find out the result for until a few days/weeks/months have passed.

All a bettor needs to do to wager on MLB futures is to check the baseball betting lines and odds, find a team or player futures line they like the look of (generally it will be on the moneyline), and place a bet.

We’ve listed out the most commonly broadcast team/player futures markets below for your convenience:

Baseball Team Betting Futures:

  • World Series Winners
  • National League Pennant Winners
  • American League Pennant Winners
  • Divisional Futures (National League: East, Central, & West, and the American League: East, Central, & West)

Baseball Player Betting Futures: 

  • MLB MVP Award Winner
  • AL MVP Award Winner
  • NL MVP Award Winner
  • Golden Gloves Award
  • Silver Slugger
  • Most Regular Season Home Runs in MLB/NL/AL
  • Pitcher with Most Strikeouts
  • Manager of the Year

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and baseball betting sites such as BetUS and Bovada, which famously broadcast deep prop betting markets, are likely to feature extra team/player futures options during the MLB postseason.

Baseball Specials/Props

The best baseball betting apps feature a plethora of extra betting options via the prop betting market. This market tends to get even more creative during the postseason and, especially, the World Series – exactly as it does during, say, the NBA Finals.

Prop bets in the MLB, in particular, are numerous, but we’ve listed out the most common options below for you to take a look at:

Baseball Team Prop Betting Options

  • Team totals
  • Alternate totals/ run lines
  • First 3/5/7 innings moneylines, spread, and totals
  • Moneylines, run lines, and totals on the first innings

Baseball Player Prop Betting Options

  • Player innings moneylines and totals
  • Player total hits, runs, and RBIs
  • Player hits + runs
  • Number of strikeouts thrown by the pitcher
  • Player head to heads (total points scored/ strikeouts)
  • Will player X hit a home run (simple Yes/No bet)

Some baseball betting sportsbooks sell themselves on prop market optionality, so – as with baseball betting futures –  it’s common to see sportsbooks such as BetUS broadcast extra prop bets, especially during the World Series.

Other MLB prop examples found on BetUS include over/under markets on the number of home runs in a game/innings, and races to 2,3,4,5, etc. runs.

Baseball Live Betting

First introduced in 2002, live baseball betting has taken the sportsbook gambling world by storm. Modern bettors love the fast and furious pace, rapid shifts in odds, and just the sheer thrill of wagering in-play.

When live betting on baseball, expect to see odds drift and shorten almost constantly. As each player strikes out or hits a homer, oddsmakers panic, and it’s this uncertainty that gives the seasoned bettor a chance to jump in on improved odds, potentially making more money in the process.

A profitable betting strategy for winning big on live baseball betting apps would be to physically attend the game. In doing so, you’re seeing the action unfold before anyone else – possibly even the oddsmakers themselves (on rare occasions), and this enables you to place bets the moment that momentum-shifting home run is struck, as opposed to waiting 20 seconds for the odds to adjust on the online apps.

Failing that, Betonline is a superb live baseball betting app: it broadcasts among the very best odds, and live-streams MLB games, meaning you can at least watch the action unfold in close to real-time right next to your wagers on-screen.

Baseball Betting Promotions

The sportsbook gambling world is highly competitive, in that each sportsbook wants your business. To convince you to sign up with them ahead of their rivals, these baseball sport betting apps have become engaged in an evolutionary arms race of lucrative bonuses, rewards, competitions, and promos.

It’s your job to take advantage of all this free betting capital. It helps to even the playing field a little.

We’ve detailed some of the best promos/rewards on offer below, but always check your sportsbook of choice closer to the time you’re planning on placing a wager – you never know what might be available.

  • MyBookie – the 25% welcome bonus worth up to $1,000 is a nice touch. Factor in the 25% sport reload bonus worth up to $500 and the whopping 250% referral bonus, and it’s easy to see why MyBookie’s patrons wax lyrical about this baseball sport betting app
  • BetOnline – a baseball betting app that serves up a 25% welcome bonus that can reach a top value of $1,000, BetOnline is known to up this offer to 50% during the MLB season. So be sure to check at the time you’re considering signing up. There’s also a 25% sport reload bonus for regular patrons to the site to enjoy and a 100% first-time crypto deposit bonus to boot
  • BetUS –  first of all, this baseball betting site offers a gigantic 250% deposit bonus worth up to $2,500. There’s also a 150% crypto bonus, reload bonuses, a 100% referral bonus, and a VIP loyalty rewards program that enables $500 in free bets each time you move up a level. Joining BetUS can be very lucrative
  • Bovada – Bovada provides a 75% crypto deposit bonus that can be worth up to $750. On top of that, there’s now a second 250% bitcoin bonus on offer that’s worth up to as much as $1,250. Plus the standard regular deposit bonus of $250 – combined, that’s a lucrative $2,250 deposit match!
  • Intertops – The Intertops deposit bonus of $250 isn’t as impressive as some on offer at other baseball betting apps. But don’t be fooled – this is just a sportsbook that hands out its bonuses in smaller chunks. The value is still there though. The Intertops baseball sport betting app gifts newcomers 20 free $50 bets, and the Rookie100 bonus code is also worthy of mention: use it to claim a 100% bonus up to $100 on your first deposit of $20

Extra Features of the Best Baseball Betting Apps

On top of all the aforementioned specifications and betting lines, the very best baseball betting sportsbooks contain a number of other important tools/features to help their customers find success when gambling online.

Some examples of these bonus features are as follows:

  • Blogs & baseball betting picks – the best baseball betting apps give their customer base instantaneous access to detailed news articles, baseball betting strategies, picks, and tips. MyBookie is one such sportsbook. Featuring a host of blogs, vlogs, and detailed breakdowns of all sport betting markets, it’s chocked full of news and useful baseball betting info which you can use to study, design, and implement your very own baseball betting strategies.
  • Stats – Particularly when wagering live and in play, it’s crucial to have fast access to stats, especially when betting on a sport like baseball. BetUS and Bovada are two solid examples of baseball betting sportsbooks that take their analytics seriously, and a visit to either site will demonstrate that both are chocked full of stats. Before the game begins and even whilst the game is live, users can check the analytics for previous meetings between teams, recent records (home & away), player performances, in-game performances (home runs/bunts/ pitches/strikeouts), and much more.
  • Competitions – Some of the best baseball betting sports apps run competitions alongside the MLB action. BetOnline, a sportsbook that runs a $10,000 MLB Pick’Em competition, is one such example. BetUS is another: this sportsbook features three separate baseball competitions, namely Home Plate (just back your team to win a big prize), Beat the Streak (just up your average to win prizes), and Bettorup, a contest that rewards the most prolific and successful baseball bettors with a $500 free play

Baseball Betting Tips

No matter which of the baseball betting sites you end up joining, making consistent profits when betting is no walk in the park. But the MLB is definitely one of the easier sports to rake in winnings from IF you study up and implement a winning baseball betting strategy.

The reason for this is that Major League Baseball features more games than just about any other sport and has a wider selection of lines and prop bets as a result. As such, bettors can afford to be picky. We don’t feel pressure to bet when we’re unsure. It’s possible to just sit it out and wait for that game/player to come along that you truly feel confident in.

Successful gambling is all about study, preparation, and a little bit of luck. We can’t guarantee that the extra games/lines in the MLB (nor the baseball betting tips listed below) will boost your bank balance. But, if combined with study, patience, and experience, you’ll certainly be better equipped to turn a profit.

On that note, here are three winning baseball betting strategies to get you started.

Baseball Betting Strategy: Look for Underdog Value

  • There’s not usually a world of difference between the top and bottom teams in the MLB. In a 162 game season, the best team might go 105-57, the worst team 75-87 – so not far off a 50.00 win ratio. From this, we discern that bad teams always have a chance of taking a prized scalp in the MLB. So, it’s possible to find plenty of value on the underdogs when scanning through the baseball betting lines. Of course, you’ll have to couple this strategy with research, too – consider which team pitches first; makes more errors, and who has the weaker hitters coming in towards the end. Betting on a plucky underdog with inviting odds is hardly a rocket-science baseball betting tip, but it is known to work and, thus, well worth implementing.

Baseball Betting Strategy: Avoid Betting On Heavy Favorites

  • MLB favorites that are on the moneyline at -150 or higher or best to avoid betting on consistently. We use the word ‘consistently’ because, of course, if you’ve done your research and you’re highly confident this favorite is going to come in, sure, go for it! But don’t keep doing it. By sticking with -150 favorites, you’re going to have to win about 60% of the time to actually make profits… and playoff teams usually only have a win rate of about 55% to 60%, so you can see the conundrum here – eventually betting on baseball favorites is going to blow up in your face. And that’s just at -150 – if you see odds out at -300 or -450, again, it’s not that you can’t wager on these lines, but, such is the unpredictable nature of baseball that they are best left avoided.

Baseball Betting Strategies – MLB’s TV Curse!

  • Following on from the last baseball betting tip, the most famous teams in the MLB have particularly bad odds when set to feature on TV. If the Yankees are on at a prime time, more recreational types of bettors jump in on the moneyline action and drive the price up, meaning you’re likely to get even worse odds than you generally would have. Again, if you’ve done your research and you’re positive that Aaron Judge is going to hit a home run and New York is going to win, fine – place your bets. But remember that in the long run, continuously accepting bad odds is setting yourself up for failure. You will lose eventually and you’ll be losing more than you won.

The above are just three common baseball betting strategies implemented by seasoned bettors. They may or may not be for you, or you may have another possibly contradictory strategy that’s working for you, like ‘always bet on the favorite‘… and if so, good for you! There’s more than one path to success when gambling.

Just make sure you have done your homework and always seek to preserve capital. Read all the baseball betting tips you can get your hands on and ensure you’re making an informed and wise decision before you get your wallet out. Baseball betting sites such as BetUS and MyBookie easily enable bettors to do this, so take advantage of it!

Trust us, you’ll feel better about the whole process if you do.

Key Baseball Betting Dates

At the time of writing, the entire sporting world has been thrown into chaos by the COVID 19 pandemic, and MLB is just one of many leagues currently playing a slightly unusual schedule in 2021/22.

For that reason, the dates below are more general – these are the rough, key baseball betting dates as they are most traditionally set out by the MLB.


Typical Dates

MLB Preseason Generally, runs from February to March
MLB Season Usually from late March to early September
MLB Draft Mostly takes place in June/July
MLB Playoffs (featuring Wildcard Series ALDS & NLDS, ALCS & NLCS games) Generally, from mid-late October
World Series Late October

Best Baseball Betting Apps Conclusion

Each of the apps listed in our top 10 is safe and verified; pays out; protects your personal information and is compatible with both Android and iOS. Because the entire top 10 is based offshore, each is available in the vast majority of American states, too. Truthfully, you wouldn’t be going too far wrong with any of them – they all have many more pros than cons.

With that said, we believe that the BetOnline baseball sport betting app is is the pick of the bunch.

BetOnline is a breeze to download; the installation process is simple; it’s easy to navigate and contains baseball betting lines for multiple leagues and at great odds.

It was, however, the live betting market that most impressed us: the plethora of stats; the ability to live stream MLB games via the app, and just the overall presentation on both operating systems (iOS and Android) gave this sportsbook a slight edge.

Of course, BetOnline is just our top pick. The choice is yours and, as stressed, ultimately, the best MLB betting app is the one that best suits your needs. If you like to do your online transactions using cryptocurrency, Bovada would be a decent bet. If you’re a budding MLB betting strategist, BetUS and MyBookie probably contain more articles and written content, etc.

Our hope is just that by reading through all of this detail, you now feel confident enough to select your chosen baseball betting sportsbook, get yourself a great deal, and get to work placing confident wagers.



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