PokerStars PA Announces Winter Series to Begin January 21

It is winter in the United States…in the middle of a pandemic. PokerStars and FOX Bet stepped up to give poker players in Pennsylvania something to anticipate.

PokerStars has been hosting its Winter Series on its dot-com site for years. The last one wrapped up in January 2020, but this year, the Blowout Series took its place. But there is still plenty of time for a global Winter Series. Meanwhile, it’s time to dole out the guarantees and tournament opportunities to players in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Those smaller markets just wrapped up December series a few weeks ago. Pennsylvania hosted a PokerStars PA Turbo Week in mid-December, a series of 56 high-speed tournaments with more than $500K in total guarantees. It also hosted a Pennsyl-MANIA on December 27.

The Winter Series is next on the schedule and set to kick off on Thursday, January 21.

PokerStars PA Winter Series Details

Pennsylvania poker players saw their first Winter Series last year, just a few months after the site’s launch in the state. That series offered a solid slate of 30 tournaments and hundreds of thousands in guarantees.

This year, it’s bigger and better. The PokerStars PA Winter Series 2021 will offer 45 tournaments and more than $1 million in prize pool guarantees.

Players will find buy-ins as low as $10 and as high as $1K. The series is comprised of mostly No Limit Hold’em tournaments, but there are others like Omaha, 5-Card Draw, HORSE and an eight-game mix. There are also a variety of formats, from turbo to deepstacks, from PKO to 6-Max.

Without further ado, here is the schedule:

Thursday, January 21

-Event 1: $50 NLHE 8-Max Series Kick-Off ($25K GTD)

-Event 2: $200 NLHE PKO Thursday Thrill ($40K GTD)

-Event 3: $20 NLHE PKO Mini Thrill ($15K GTD)

-Event 4: $100 NLHE 6-Max Turbo ($8.5K GTD)

Friday, January 22

-Event 5: $150 NLHE 7-Max PKO ($20K GTD)

-Event 6: $50 NLHE 8-Max Turbo ($12.5K GTD)

-Event 7: $100 NLHE 8-Max Deep Hyper-Turbo ($10K GTD)

Saturday, January 23

-Event 8: $100 NLHE 8-Max Deep ($30K GTD)

-Event 9: $50 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Saturday Speedway ($15K GTD)

-Event 10: $75 HORSE 6-Max ($5K GTD)

-Event 11: $50 NLHE 7-Max PKO Deep Turbo ($12.5K GTD)

Sunday, January 24

-Event 12: $100 NLHE 8-Max Marathon ($25K GTD)

-Event 13: $50 NLHE 6-Max ($17.5K GTD)

-Event 14: $150 NLHE 8-Max PKO ($20K GTD)

-Event 15: $100 NLHE Sunday Special ($100K GTD)

-Event 16: $75 PLO 6-Max ($6.5K GTD)

-Event 17: $200 NLHE PKO ($25K GTD)

-Event 18: $100 NLHE Turbo Sunday Special 2nd Chance Turbo ($20K GTD)

-Event 19: $75 NLHE Hyper Turbo Sunday Supersonic ($10K GTD)

Monday, January 25

-Event 20: $200 NLHE 4-Max ($25K GTD)

-Event 21: $10 NLHE 8-Max PKO ($6.5K GTD)

-Event 22: $50 NL 5-Card Draw ($3K GTD)

-Event 23: $100 NLHE 7-Max PKO Turbo ($10K GTD)

Tuesday, January 26

-Event 24: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday ($50K GTD)

-Event 25: $30 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday ($12.5K GTD)

-Event 26: $100 NLO-8 8-Max Turbo ($7.5K GTD)

Wednesday, January 27

-Event 27: $30 NLHE 5-Max ($15K GTD)

-Event 28: $1K NLHE 8-Max High Roller ($50K GTD)

-Event 29: $100 NLHE 8-Max PKO Turbo ($12.5K GTD)

Thursday, January 28

-Event 30: $50 NLHE 4-Max PKO ($10K GTD)

-Event 31: $250 NLHE PKO Thursday Thrill ($50K GTD)

-Event 32: $30 NLHE PKO Mini Thrill ($15K GTD)

Friday, January 29

-Event 33: $75 NLHE Turbo Deep ($8.5K GTD)

-Event 34: $50 5-Card PLO 6-Max Turbo ($5K GTD)

-Event 35: $20 NLHE Heads-Up Turbo PTKO (Total Knockout) Zoom ($5K GTD)

Saturday, January 30

-Event 36: $300 NLHE 8-Max ($30K GTD)

-Event 37: $100 NLHE 8-Game ($6.5K GTD)

-Event 38: $50 NLHE 8-Max PKO ($15K GTD)

-Event 39: $75 NLHE 6-Max Turbo ($10K GTD)

Sunday, January 31

-Event 40: $100 NLHE 8-Max PKO Deep ($30K GTD)

-Event 41: $300 NLHE Main Event ($200K GTD)

-Event 42: $50 NLHE Mini Main Event ($35K GTD)

-Event 43: $100 NLHE 8-Max PKO ($25K GTD)

-Event 44: $100 PLO 6-Max Turbo ($7.5K GTD)

-Event 45: $75 NLHE 7-Max Hyper-Turbo Series Wrap-Up ($10K GTD)

Note the Main Event and its companion tournament above, the latter a mini version with a much lower buy-in. There will be numerous satellites for those events.

Discounts Available

There are satellites for all of the events in the Winter Series. More will pop up as the start date nears. There are also special $3 Spin & Go events leading up to the series.

Any player who deposits $30 or more prior to January 31 can use the code “FREEZE” and collect a ticket to the January 31 Depositor Freeroll. There will be $10K worth of tickets in the prize pool, all for the Winter Series Main Event.

In addition, players who just miss the money in any of the Winter Series tournaments will win a ticket to a daily Second Chance Freeroll.


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