How Do We Get More Women To Play Poker Today?

Monday, March 8th, 2021 | Written by Renee

The poker world is dominated by male poker players and female poker players have made it clear that they often feel intimidated and disrespected at the tables by their male counterparts. With International Women’s day being celebrated worldwide on March 8, we once again take a look at what can be done to get more female poker players involved in the game.

A number of poker operators in the past have taken steps to generate more interest among female fans by offering special Ladies Only events and engaging more female players to be their brand ambassadors. We take a look at what can and should be done to get more female players engaged in poker.

More Female Friendly Promotions

We see a number of poker sites such as PokerStars and GGPoker running special ladies events in order to celebrate International Women’s day. While those efforts are to be appreciated, one wonders why online poker operators don’t run more female friendly promotions throughout the year.

Ladies events and land based poker tournaments or at online poker festivals should be made a regular occurrence. A lot of poker operators don’t do this because they don’t think they will get a strong turnout from their female audience and could end up with an overlay. While this is definitely a possibility, there are ways to mitigate this from happening.

The truth is that this will probably be the case initially but if poker operators were to persist with these ladies only events, it would help build interest in the female poker community. The big operators like PokerStars, partypoker, GG Poker and 888poker can afford to run low guaranteed ladies event every month or every other month and not wait for the WSOP or International Women’s day.

More Twitch Streaming By Female Players

The twitch live streaming poker market is also dominated by male poker players which comes as no surprise. However, in recent times players like Vivian Saliba and Rebeca Rebuitti have started live streaming on Twitch. While both Saliba and Rebuitti have a strong male following, there are also a number of female players who are keen on watching and learning from these two women.

Poker operators who are interested in building a bigger female fan base should sponsor and encourage more female players to start streaming on Twitch. They should also run Twitch friendly competitions and events that appeal to a female audience.

Female Poker Coaching Sessions

Accomplished female poker players should look at launching a specific custom made poker course that is geared at different levels of female poker players. The course should address the newbie and also the intermediate female poker player and take them through all the nuances and challenges that a female poker player is likely to encourage from start to finish.

The poker training course should be taught by one or more accomplished female poker players such as Kristen Bicknell or Vanessa Selbst. These poker training sessions or lessons should ideally be sponsored by poker operators so that these coaching sessions can be made affordable for female poker players who don’t have a big wallet.

Marketing and Advertising

One of the reasons why there is a lack of interest among female poker players is that poker rooms have not done enough to reach out to the female demographic. The female poker player has been neglected as advertising and marketing campaigns generally ten to have a male audience in mind.

Poker operators should educate a female audience that it is possible for them to bring in a side income by playing and winning at poker consistently. We don’t need any over the top advertising promoting castles in the air but marketing efforts letting female audiences know that there are specially discounted poker training courses taught by accomplished female poker players on offer will make a difference.

Campaigns telling female players of the different ladies only events or special promotions for them will go a long way in bring more players to the game and keeping them engaged.


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