Did Someone Find Cam Newton’s Burner Account?

All of which begs the question, what has Newton been up to these last few weeks without football in his life? 

While I do not endorse this conclusion, Redditor u/Spinexel seems to think they have an answer. A Twitter account under the name Betty Love, handle @PatridgeLady, seems bizarrely fixated on one topic and one topic only. How Cam Newton was done dirty by the Patriots. For instance, here’s the pinned Tweet at the top of Betty Love’s timeline:

Which is no kind of proof, obviously. It’s just a window into the soul of @PatridgeLady. I’ve been scrolling through the page and have yet to find a single post that is not about Newton. 

I mean, I get that Cam’s a compelling, charismatic public figure. He’s been a celebrated public figure since he was at Auburn. Millions of people have bought his jersey and follow him on the media. Having a crush or whatever on a person of his stature is hardly unusual. But there’s not a post or Retweet on subject other than him. Not a meme, cat picture, news video, inspirational quote or celebrity photo to be found on Betty Love’s timeline. When I was a socially reclusive teenager, at least I was into more than one thing. If social media existed, I’d have been posting about the Patriots, “Jaws,” Farrah Fawcett, “Star Wars,” my wonder dog Winston, “Lord of the Rings” and my Monty Python impressions that killed in study hall. (Note: I am grateful Young Balls did not have social media. I had a class reunion last week and we all consider ourselves fortunate we didn’t have a means for preserving our stupidity for posterity.) This account has nothing but full time, full tilt, pro-Cam opinions. 

Even Retweets of Betty’s own Tweets:

It continues:

And it would appear @PatridgeLady is no fan of Mac Jones:

Or of Bill Belichick:

Ms. Love also has no love for media members who speak highly of Jones or suggest Newton’s career has reached its final stop:

Betty did go slightly off topic about Rivera’s win on Thursday Night Football, but even that comes across as a subtle dig for him not signing Cam:

Am I saying @PatridgeLady is a Cam Newton burner account? Absolutely not. But I’m not saying it definitely isn’t, either. That’s the beautiful mystery of the internet. Unless the user screws up and starts posting from the wrong account, one can never be sure. All we know is that someone opened this account in June of 2020 – which happens to be the exact month Newton was signed in New England, and the account appears to exist solely to support Cam Newton. And that is not conclusive evidence. 

But just a word of advice for all famous people thinking about opening a burner account: Cover your tracks. Throw in some random stuff here and there. If you’re going to pull a Kevin Durant, Antonio Brown or Jason Licht in order to say supportive things about Kevin Durant, Antonio Brown or Jason Licht, mix in a random post or two. Scatter a few random thoughts along the trail to throw people off your scent. Something about a show that’s on or a song you’re listening to. A tribute to a celebrity that just died. Just don’t be so predictable and obvious, or you will be caught in no time. Believe me, if you come across a Twitter user who says nothing but great things about me, that is not me. Mine will be littered with stuff I don’t care about, like the San Francisco Giants or the Video Music Awards or Belgium. I certainly won’t come across as blatantly biased as whoever is running @PatridgeLady. And I like to think Cam Newton is too smart for that as well. 


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