David Luiz nutmegged by Luis Suarez – and trolled mercilessly by the internet

£50 million. That’s how much Paris Saint-Germain paid for David Luiz.

We only mention it because the performance of the Brazilian “defender” against Barcelona last night has got many people wondering if that really was the amount of money the French club gave Chelsea, or whether someone put the decimal point in the wrong place.

In short, Luiz had a nightmare. It wasn’t simply that PSG were beaten 3-1 on their own patch, leaving them as good as out of the Champions League after the first leg of the quarter-final.

It was the fact that Luis Suarez nutmegged the Sideshow Bob lookalike not once, but twice.

If Luiz was hoping nobody noticed, we have some bad news for him:

The nutmegs led to a whole new wave of general David Luiz mockery:

But most of all, it led to the world once again asking themselves quite how Chelsea persuaded someone to pay £50m for him:

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