Black Ops Cold War’s Online Multiplayer

FPS fans are getting their trigger fingers ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Here are all the key details to know about online multiplayer.

Once again, a new Call of Duty title is gearing up for release. For this cycle, Treyarch is taking the reins and delivering Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, set in the same continuity as the prior Black Ops titles, acting as a direct sequel to the first game from 2010.

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Many gamers are along for the ride purely to play the expansive multiplayer component, which was revealed in more detail on September 9th, 2020. Several tidbits divulged during the presentation are vital facts to know for anyone interested in the series and its online mode.

10 Maps Are More Dynamic

black ops cold war player on boat with xm4

Several maps were front and center during the presentation and showcased how the developer is taking level design a step further with the new title. In particular, one map set in the North Atlantic consists of two ships running parallel to each other in the vast ocean. Players will swim, use boats, and shoot at each other from across the two vessels, which is sure to make for some memorable gameplay moments.

9 Cross-Generation Play

COD BOCW changes flinching mechanics

2019’s Modern Warfare reboot included cross-play, allowing for owners of the game to play against anyone else, regardless of console. Black Ops Cold War is taking this a step further by letting players duke it out across generations. Those on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S will be able to join matches with those still playing on current generation hardware. A larger multiplayer community is always a better one.

8 120 Frames Per Second On Next Generation Consoles

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Boats

The series has always had a technically impressive display. Save for a few exceptions during some of series’ single-player campaigns, the franchise generally runs at a steady sixty frames per second.

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The next generation versions are even beating this out, however, and will run at an astonishing one hundred-twenty frames per second. Most won’t be able to take advantage of this, though, without a TV having the proper refresh rate.

7 Free Post-Launch Content

black ops soldier with war machine

Staying true to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer structure, Black Ops Cold War is set to feed players a steady supply of free post-launch content, ranging from maps and game modes to weapons. More and more multiplayer games are stepping away from paid DLC in an effort not to separate the community, and instead looking for alternative ways to monetize the suite. As long as the game does not dip into pay-to-win mechanics, monetization is not too obstructive.

6 Maps Are Inspired By The Cold War Aesthetic

soldier in grey mask bocw

The game is going full tilt into the Cold War aesthetic, including a recreation of Ronald Reagan. It won’t go all out and feel incongruous to the single-player. The rounds, maps, and weapons will all be inspired by the time period, with the developers stressing the idea that these multiplayer battles are all deniable operations, like the ones associated with the time period.

5 Warzone Integration

warzone verdansk drop

Warzone came out of the gate swinging into the battle royale space with its high player count, expansive map, and use of classic Call of Duty mechanics like custom loadouts and killstreaks. Many were wondering what the future of this mode would be with future Call of Duty titles.

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The mystery is cleared up now, with the developers confirming integration with Black Ops Cold War and progress from one affecting the other. Additionally, most previous unlocks from Modern Warfare will still be available in Warzone.

4 Score Streaks

call of duty black ops cold war scorestreak air patrol

Killstreaks are integral to the Call of Duty multiplayer experience and one of the most satisfying things one can do during a match. To give more opportunities to lesser-skilled players, these streaks build up even through deaths and are score-based, not measured by kills.  To counteract this change, the streaks work on a cooldown, so one cannot spam a UAV or other similarly low-hanging scorestreaks.

3 Wildcards

Black Ops Cold War Wildcard

Seasoned players spend tons of time adjusting their class to create something that suits them perfectly. One returning feature of the classes from Black Ops 4 is the Wildcards, which are similar to perks but have different affects on the class. Some allow more attachments to the primary weapon or to pick more perks from the same slot. Balancing this must be a nightmare, but if done right it will be yet another compelling layer to the complex multiplayer offerings.

2 Beta

black ops cold war pool shootout on miami map

These games always have short beta periods to test out new features and make sure everything is optimal for launch. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will have its beta period in the second week of October 2020. Those who pre-order it on PS4 will get access to it first on the 8th, while the open beta goes from the 10th to the 12th. The next weekend will also have a two-day period from the 15th to the 16th for pre-orders on all platforms, followed by two more days of open beta access.

1 Battle Pass Returning

call of duty black ops cold war gunsmith krig 6

So as not to split up the player base by locking new game modes and maps behind a paywall, the Call of Duty franchise has more recently monetized the multiplayer with a battle pass, which offers a new set of rewards when progressing through the levels. It has yet to be seen if Black Ops Cold War will use the seasons similar to Modern Warfare. Additionally, progression will be tracked across all generations and platforms.

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