Mobile Tech and Its Impact on iGaming Industry

In the following, we will explore the close link between the development of the iGaming industry and the expansion and spread of the mobile revolution, a process that continues and doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Indeed, mobile tech is shaping the world of gaming.

Experts project that the online gaming market will exhibit a staggering growth, from $66 billion to $158.2 billion in 2028, crossing the $100 billion mark. One can speculate that part of this boom will be granted by implementing cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality for smartphones.

Google’s smartphone AR can do amazing things already, but I’m curious what will happen when all this goes mainstream. We’re just a few steps away from simulating a real-casino experience 1:1 with only a pair of techy glasses and a mobile phone.

Let’s see how it all came to be and where it seems to be heading.

The beginnings of mobile gambling
Progress in the mobile sphere has left a significant mark on the essence of gambling already, and it has a history behind it. One could say it’s a decade long.

With 3G connectivity, mobile gaming was nearly impossible, and online casinos were restricted mainly to desktops and laptops. However, back in 2009, the first 4G LTE service was opened.

This paved the way for online casinos’ growth, as the superior connection speed enabled the streaming of live casino tables.

More powerful smartphones meant more interactive and better-built mobile casino platforms. And while smartphones have become increasingly accessible, so has online gambling,

Accessibility, safety, and convenience
In our times, more than 51% of all gamblers play from their smartphones. This trend will surely be ascending because the benefits of mobile gaming are endless compared to land-based casinos. A primary reason is accessibility.

All you need to do to play a game of poker is open your phone, register an account, and that’s it. Gone are the days when you had to travel to the other side of the country to play at a decent poker table. Moreover, you get an impressive variety of games online.

Indeed, mobile technology fuels the growth of the gambling industry. In turn, mobile-friendly operators strive to provide enhanced privacy, reliable banking options and an enhanced user experience, making most players prefer gaming on the go.

With enhanced accessibility come better features, of which security is a vital one.

Wandering around with thousands in cash isn’t quite the safest thing to do. Online payments have made it effortless to play. Cryptocurrencies are getting accepted on a broader scale as well, bringing an extra layer of privacy.

Like it or not, the current world situation has its say in mobile gambling’s recent development. It has become awkward to touch the slot machine’s buttons when hundreds have pressed them before you. Hence, people stick to only handling their phones for gaming necessities.

And when it comes to necessities, we return full circle to accessibility. Players don’t need much except an up-to-date gadget to gamble on the go. And we always get the newest smartphones anyway.

The mobile revolution has transformed the gambling industry by providing a better infrastructure for players and operators alike. It’s only natural that the increased accessibility, convenience, and security will lead to exponential market growth.

What the future holds
As we hinted at from the outset, a possible scenario for the future of the gambling industry is Augmented Reality gaming on smartphones. With 5G, a new type of mobile network was launched, making the possibilities endless.

For the sake of clarity, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are not the same things. VR is a digital environment that completely replaces the actual world. On the other hand, AR adds itself as an additional layer on top of our reality.

Virtual Reality gambling is already a thing. Developers have worked and combined the essentials of a land-based casino with the functions of an online casino to create a service that can be accessed via PlayStation VR or Oculus Rift. You put a headset on and step into a perfectly simulated rendition of a land-based facility. The experience is virtually identical.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality gambling is only a speculation at the moment. But all is moving at a very rapid pace. If this technology gains traction in the mobile sphere, the next step could be a game-changer for both online and land-based casinos.

Virtual Reality could make the games even more immersive for gamblers anywhere, transporting them within a simulated reality. At the same time, AR could completely transform their experience. Just imagine playing your favourite slot; only the reels are in a tridimensional, holographic, and interactive animation. Or you play Live Blackjack, and the dealer is rendered live right in your home.

In 10 years, it could be a reality. The investments made are a reliable indication.

The dark side of mobile gambling
While this is fabulous for those who come to play responsibly, it poses a threat for some. The constant accessibility of gambling and the enhanced privacy granted may be a risk factor to be assessed.

Experts warn that being able to gamble anytime, anywhere may further psychological dependency. For those predisposed to addictive tendencies, mobile gambling becomes an outlet for that addiction, at only a touch of a button away. One should exercise caution when gaming on the go.

To avoid getting hooked on the games, make sure you use the Responsible Gaming tools that your online casino has made available for you. With a combination of the proper limits and a pinch of personal responsibility, gambling will remain in the entertainment sphere.

The mobile revolution has transformed our lives almost at a species scale. Smartphones are now like an appendix of our bodies, some electrical gadget-organ that we carry with us all the time. With more and more human activities becoming digitized by the hour, no stone is left unturned.

The iGaming industry will never be the same either. Operators will either become mobile-friendly or be gone.

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