iGaming Is on the Rise

Video games have long been a billion-dollar business, but the industry has seen considerable changes over the past few decades. For instance, since around 2016, the iGaming industry has seen steady growth. In part, this is because of technological advancements and a better understanding of web development and software programs, including content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM). An increased interest in new sports —European soccer is becoming more popular with Americans, up there with the NFL and NBA — has also led to the rise of the iGaming sector. 

What Is iGaming? 

iGaming, otherwise known as online gaming, is the process of betting on the outcome of a sports event or game online. Usually done through an iGaming software platform’s sportsbook, gamers can place wagers on everything from football, basketball, and soccer. iGaming activities are not, however, limited to sports. Individuals can also participate in online casino betting, playing games from blackjack and roulette to bingo and lottery, as well as online video gaming and retail betting.

iGaming Web Development 

Wanting to develop an iGaming platform is one thing, but actually doing it requires a lot of considerations, including figuring out the objectives of your website and then designing it based on these goals. Once that step is complete, gaming platforms need to figure out their niche. Knowing a platform’s niche and audience, sites can integrate third-party systems that will allow for better management. Platforms can integrate a CRM to ease player experience and CMS software to create digital content that engages its users and makes it stand out in a competitive industry. For example, iGaming software providers that provide quality content through strategic web development see more traction than those who do not consider their website design. They are able to source a platform from companies like Pronet, which helps them optimize their websites. These providers can then offer dozens of sports, betting markets, and in-play events every month.

It’s thought that the next evolution in iGaming will be the integration of blockchain technology. This is because blockchain has extensive problem-solving capabilities. iGaming software providers that are on top of emerging trends like blockchain, just as they are with web development, will see better chances of success in the future.

What Games Can Go on an iGaming Platform? 

Several games can be integrated into an iGaming platform. A sportsbook is one of the most common platforms, taking bets on different events and paying out winnings. Some providers offer both a sportsbook and live casino games, including blackjack, bingo, and lottery. 

The iGaming industry has become successful over the years, not just because of consumer interest but also because platforms have used integrated web design tools like CRM and CMS to enhance their services. Software platforms have also become popular by developing fresh and quality content that engages users and gives them a competitive advantage. Web design and development is crucial in succeeding in a highly competitive industry like iGaming. Once platforms master that, they have dozens of options to choose from, including integrating a sportsbook or live casino games.

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