How to Get Online Game Bonuses

You can find free online game bonuses in many ways. You can also play a lot of games free of charge through demo modes. However, the best games cost money.

In the video game industry, you might have to pay money to unlock a game. Or you need to pay to unlock the best features of a free-to-play game. Here, we’ll talk about finding bonuses for real money casino games. Let’s dive right in.

Create a New Account to Claim a No Deposit Bonus

The easiest way to claim an iGaming bonus is to create an account at a casino with no deposit bonuses. Registering a new account is free and requires just an email address or cell phone number.

After you verify your email and log into your new account, the casino reveals your freebie: a handful of free spins or a $20 bonus. Look for no deposit bonus bonuses worth real money. That way, if you win something you can cash it out.

Also, look at the maximum you can withdraw from your no deposit bonus. And importantly, check the terms of withdrawing your profits. To be fair, most casinos limit the maximum you can withdraw from a no deposit bonus to $100 or $200, and that’s alright. It’s a lot of money for a bonus with zero deposit requirements.

Make your First Casino Deposit

Want to earn a generous bonus from your favorite online casino? Complete your first real money deposit. Choose a fast payment company with low fees. And ensure the payment option qualifies for bonuses.

PayPal, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, and EcoPayz all qualify for casino bonuses. However, the exact bonus you receive varies from one website to another. You can receive one of these welcome offers:

  • 100% first deposit bonus
  • Bet $10 get $30 bonus
  • $20 No wager bonus
  • Free spins bonuses
  • Amazon vouchers

A 100% first deposit bonus is the standard offer at many casinos. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best reward. When it comes to choosing top online casino promos, always read the bonus policies. That’s the best way to find great offers.

Let’s say you have to choose between a $100 bonus with 50x wagering requirements and a $20 no wager bonus. The policies show that you must spend $5000 (50 x $100) to cash out your profits in the first bonus. But you don’t need to spend anything on the second offer. The no wager bonus is the better deal.

Add Funds to your Account for a Reload Bonus

Earlier on, we said iGaming platforms give out bonuses to attract new players or encourage regular customers’ loyalty. It’s challenging to keep casino players loyal when new websites keep propping up.

Despite that, a great reload bonus can make you remain loyal to one casino for a long. Imagine receiving a 50% bonus every time you add money to your account. It would mean you receive more value for your deposits at that specific casino than all other websites out there.

Now, not many casinos give you reload bonuses every time you make a deposit. Every company has its own reload bonus schedule: daily, Mondays, Saturdays, weekly or monthly.

Although you want an operator with regular bonuses, pay more attention to the bonus policies. That’s because generous, regular bonuses are only great if you can cash out your profits quickly.

Compare and Join Cashback Programs

No wager bonuses are everyone’s dream casino offers. If you find a website showing you with zero wagers regular offers, grab every reward you qualify for. But if you can’t seem to find bonuses with no wager terms, compare and join a good cashback program.

A cashback program is a loyalty system that reimburses some of the money you gamble and lose online. Let’s say you wager $200 within a month and lose $100. A good casino might opt to reimburse 20% of your monthly losses.

Cashback programs give you real money with zero wagering requirements. As such, your 20% cashback would mean an excellent $20 in your account. You can spend the money as you wish, including withdrawing it instantly.

The reason you need to compare cashback programs is that they give back different percentages. They also have special terms and conditions. For example, some casinos give you cashback money losses made by playing slots only. If you prefer to play roulette and blackjack, find a program that also includes these games.

Qualify for the VIP Program

It was difficult to join an online casino VIP program a decade ago unless you were a true high-roller: someone who gambles hundreds or thousands of dollars weekly. Nowadays, anyone can join VIP programs.

Today’s VIP programs use level-based systems that welcome everyone as long as they gamble real money regularly. So, join the bottom level of a casino with a VIP program and claim the offers they give you.

Usually, low-level VIP players earn a handful of free slots games, reload bonuses, and cash prizes occasionally. As you improve on the VIP level program, the rewards improve. You earn more free games, bigger bonuses, better cash prizes, and quick withdrawals.

Top echelon VIP customers receive the best treatment a casino has to offer. You get an account manager, quick payouts, free games, cash prizes, and getaway tickets.

Bet Regularly to Earn Additional Bonuses

The best casinos have plenty of bonuses. Some of these bonuses are unpredictable, say when a casino partners with a new payment method and gives out bonuses. These offers go to regular players.

Increasingly, many websites have daily tournaments and mission-based programs. You can earn rewards for playing a specific slot once per day. Or you can compete to trigger the highest multiplier in a game.

These bonuses might not award you vast sums of cash. But the small rewards like free spins or $10 betting credits can add up in improving your bankroll. Significantly, they can also help minimize your betting budget now that you don’t have to gamble with your cash.

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