How did GamStop software change the iGaming industry?

Self-exclusion through GAMSTOP has been a major step towards the promotion of responsible gambling in the UK. GAMSTOP is a platform that allows you to put restrictions in place to help constrain your internet gambling operations.

When signing up for the program, you will be deterred from using gambling apps and sites run by any company licensed in the United Kingdom, for a time span of your choosing. To make it simple for interested persons to sign up with GAMSTOP, it is made to be a free service for users.

 It isn’t exactly easy to get up and choose to stop gambling. Thus, user’s will rather opt for already made options that will help make them gamble responsibly such as GAMSTOP. In this article, we have explained how GAMSTOP software has changed the casino industry.

The appearance of GamStop

Unlike what many people may assume, GAMSTOP is not operated by the UK government. The service is run by a non-profit organisation known as The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. The statistics since its launch in 2018 show that over 50,000 casino customers and bet lovers have already enrolled in the GAMSTOP system for self-exclusion.

This latest online gambling system, launched for online gamblers in April 2018, allows gamblers to limit access to some online casino platforms. When some people are registered at good online casino operators not with GamStop, due to some preferences, they can be prohibited from activities on some gambling platforms for a chosen period.

The era of protected players

Since the emergence of GAMSTOP, players in the UK have felt more protected from gambling problems than ever before. GAMSTOP gives users the option to stay away from gambling activities when they feel like they can’t limit their time or money spent on such activities. It is no news that gambling addiction has a negative effect on not only the addicts but on their families, jobs, and finances.

Never before had it been this swift to put a stop to an online activity with many outlets such as gambling. Players can choose how long they wish to be excluded, and the casino where they register for self-exclusion will ensure they have no access to games for their chosen time-frame. GAMSTOP ensures that all registered casinos in the Uk are on its platform so that regardless of which casino a player chooses to use, they still have the option to protect themselves via self-exclusion when the need arises.

Self-exclusion scheme still need improvements

Despite how laudable the idea behind GAMSTOP and its services is, there are few issues that may need immediate attention. The bugs and inadequacies have been noticed overtime in various subscription categories under the scheme. Furthermore, the presence of areas needing improvement seems to suggest that the self-exclusion scheme may not have been entirely effective.

According to Fiona Palmer, the head of GAMSTOP, she has had deep concerns after getting reports sequel to an investigation on possible shortcomings. The findings reveal that users of this self-exclusion scheme could manipulate the system for selfish reasons. Seeing as new casinos that are not registered with GAMSTOP spring up daily, it has become imperative for the scheme to look into stricter measures to curb the noticed breach.

For this purpose, GAMSTOP is considering the introduction of rigorous ID checks that may help to ensure lesser cases of false registration and other challenges. Below are a few of the bugs noticed during the investigation:

Changing of personal data

Sadly, by altering certain minute information, such as purposely supplying the incorrect spelling of a name, a site can still be accessed after you have self-excluded. It’s really easy to exploit. Investigations have shown that, as soon as you alter certain personal information from your prior registration, it is still very straightforward to create a new account and to play.

This happens even if you are prohibited. Ms Fiona Palmer said that the scheme is taking on board every feedback, and they are looking to improve the customer support of GamStop and system at all.

Inability to play after the self-exclusion period expires

When your self-exclusion period has expired, you may be shocked to find that certain online casino providers still prohibit you from betting or playing at their casino. This happens even though you have already verified that your self-exclusion period has come to an end.           

This problem is a major disturbance for most players who only signed up for the GAMSTOP Self-exclusion system to discourage them from engaging in any gambling activity for a certain period of time. They find out that, even though the self-exclusion time is no longer running, they are then restrained from playing at their chosen casino.

Such an issue could lead to cases where affected users discourage others who may want to try the scheme. Thankfully, Ms Fiona Palma pointed out that all reports will be taken into consideration. Hopefully, that yields a good outcome.


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