Effective promotion strategies in the iGaming industry

iGaming is a fast-growing industry that engages millions of players worldwide not depending on their age and gender. In 2021, it is going to worth $180 billion according to the Tech Jury. Every month new games are launched which makes it quite challenging to stand the competition and make players find out about a product.

Even though all marketing principles are relatively the same, iGaming requires solid knowledge about customer behaviour and performance measurement. That is why promotion strategies in this industry differ. Below we will discuss the most effective of them.


Let us start with the simplest and the most common promotion strategy – advertising. However, when it comes to gambling this strategy may be rather challenging because it is banned in many countries, and thus, its ads are not allowed. The most common advertising types are:

  • Social media promotions;
  • Cooperation with bloggers and influencers in the niche;
  • Commercials. They are especially profitable when placed on websites with movies/ TV series;
  • Banners. Even though gambling advertising is prohibited, there are multiple pathways. For example, creating informative platforms.

Loyalty Programs

Even though the most popular promotions are those which encourage players to create an account and start playing, they are only the tip of the iceberg. To make players stay and invest money in a game or casino, owners come up with different loyalty programs that create bonds with players.

Usually, VIP programs are available upon registration and consist of several levels, each of which comes with a bigger number of perks and bonuses. Such promotion encourages players to stick to the platform and spend money on a regular basis to collect daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. By collecting loyalty points, players get access to money rewards, customization features, VIP tournaments, closed locations, and much more.


Even though this might not seem an obvious promotion strategy at first, think about the numbers: 51per cent of the global iGaming revenue comes from mobile players. On average, gamers between 18 and 35 years of age, play mobile games 48 minutes per day. This makes the mobile market a great target for those who want to promote their game and engage new players.

Entrepreneurs team up with influencers, launch advertisements and use social media to tell the audience about a new mobile version of a game. They offer extra perks and exclusive bonuses for mobile registration, and such a promotion strategy has already proven to be extremely successful.

Regular news and releases

The more a game or gambling platform appears on platforms such as CasinoHex NZ, the more players find out about it. However, it is important to provide interesting and fresh information and be useful for the audience. The best examples of this promotion strategy are to discuss the latest industry technologies, new products, reliable software providers, and so on.

Timely updates

The iGaming market is constantly increasing, so it may be challenging for brands to keep up with the latest technologies and tendencies. To promote a product, owners need to work on the content and offer players something they have never tried before. For example, choosing only the best software developers, improving the user interface, and using the latest technologies. Checking competitors is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for growth and improvement, and most companies use this tool on a regular basis.

Personalized offers

We all want to be seen and noticed. Especially online with millions of other users out there. That is why an effective promotion strategy is the one that distinguishes players and makes them feel special. These can be personalized items for characters, birthday gifts, non-generic newsletters, a personal manager, and whatnot. With the help of such offers, iGaming companies show that they value each player, significantly increasing their loyalty and retention.

Promotion is a must

Staying competitive in the iGaming market is crucial because every day thousands of gambling sites and gaming providers struggle for players’ attention. That is why effective promotion strategies such as loyalty programs, mobile applications, and regular updates should be in the arsenal of any market participant.

And if you are a player, understanding how such strategies work may help you to pick the best platform and to benefit from the game to the maximum.


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