Office Fans Can Now Read Pam’s Adventures of Jimmy Halpert Comic Book

Pam drew the comic book for Jim as a Christmas gift. In the episode, she claims she spent almost a year making the personalized comic.

The Office fans can now read Pam’s homemade comic book titled “The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert.” The Office is a workplace sitcom starring incompetent manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and the chaos that ensues at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton branch. The show initially aired on NBC in 2005 and ran for nine seasons. However, The Office is more popular than ever now. It is frequently ranked the most-streamed, non-original Netflix show. The Office will be taken down from Netflix and move to its new home on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock at the end of 2020.

Pam’s comic book appeared in season 7, episodes 11 and 12, collectively titled “Classy Christmas.” In this holiday episode, Pam (Jenna Fischer) declares that Jim (John Krasinski) always makes her brilliant Christmas gifts so she is determined to make him an incredibly unique gift. She reveals that she spent almost an entire year making Jim a personalized comic book. In her comic book, Jim stars as a common man turned superhero after he is bitten by a radioactive bear and gains all of the abilities of a bear. While some of her coworkers were critical of the comic book and she was nervous to give it to him, Jim appreciated the gift and thanked her with a simple, “Awesome.”

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Fans who have been curious about how “The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert” went down can finally find out for themselves. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company uploaded a free, interactive version of the comic book that was featured in Classy Christmas. The site has been working on the project with illustrator Tone Rodriguez to have Pam’s Christmas gift ready by the holiday season, and they have done just that. The same people also previously released a comic book titled “Return of The Office” that imagines what might’ve been if the show continued for a Season 10. The fanfic comic goes in a slightly different direction than the show as it features more action-based scenarios like Dwight (Rainn Wilson) fighting zombies. However, the comic book has received rave reviews and was even lauded by Rainn Wilson himself.

It is heartwarming to see fans creating their own content based on the shows they’re passionate about. The Office has given artists of all kinds a platform to show off their skills. One of the most successful fan pieces was the Off-Broadway production of THE OFFICE! A Musical Parody. Smaller artists have made fan art, clothing, memes, and more. One company even created a Slack in which the entirety of The Office series played out line-by-line live.

The Office’s content is the gift that keeps on giving for fans. Even though the series ended in 2013, there are so many personalized details in the show that it will never run out of content. From the gifts that the characters got each other on the show to the pranks that they pulled on each other, these moments have immortalized the show. Whether it’s word of mouth or fan creations, The Office’s legacy will continue to expand; its lifespan is far from over. Fans can still binge The Office on Netflix before it moves to Peacock.

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Source: Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

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