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BitStarz, operated by Direx NV is the first Bitcoin casino to accept both BTC and EUR. It is the online Bitcoin casino that allows you to play Euro games with Bitcoins. In this article, you will learn all the reasons why BitStarz is an all-time favorite best Bitcoin casino.  

What are the best online casinos?

Contrary to popular myths, the making of the best online casino is quite simple. To begin with, it must have a user-friendly website that is compatible with desktop and also mobile devices. It must enable you to play the games without the need to download the games. The best online casinos must have a broad spectrum of gambling and other casino game selection like Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots, etc. Whether slot games or table games like Blackjack or live games like roulette, it must have them all. And, most importantly, it must have a number of Jackpot game selections. Enabling you to play cash games for real money is a plus.

Who can forget the free spins and unmatched bonuses that drive players to try out their luck? While this is a feature most desired, there is yet another important feature.And, that is, it must not only have secure payment options but also varied modes of currencies including the different types of cryptocurrencies.This brings us to the next big question, which is the best cryptocurrency casino. In this article, you will learn all about the best Bitcoin casino.

Why is BitStarz known as the best Bitcoin casino?

While you may find many reviews about the best online casinos, they fall short in providing the key elements that help you decide the authenticity of the casino. Moreover, there are hundreds of Bitcoin casinos online where some have cryptocurrencies as the only mode of transactions while some have the option for both cryptocurrencies and standard currency like USD, EUR or its equivalent.

However, the common limitation in the latter is that not all the games can be played with cryptos. This implies that the game selection is restricted for cryptocurrencies. That being said, the best Bitcoin casino must have provisions for both crypto and Euros or its equivalent. Apart from that, it must enable you to play most of the games listed on the casino’s site. And, the most important feature, the best Bitcoin casino is the one that enables you to play Euro games with cryptos. Or in other words, it must allow the player to exchange BTC or its equivalent to EUR or equivalent currency. Based on the criteria mentioned above, we suggest BitStarz casino. But before getting on with its review let us answer a very important question.

Is BitStarz Casino Legit?

Owned and operated by Direx NV, BitStarz is as legit as any other licensed crypto casino out there. In fact, it was the first casino to have both Euro and BTC. And what’s more? You can safely turn your BTC to Euros the legal way. 

BitStarz Casino offers hundreds of games like live Blackjack, Wolf Gold, to name a few. Most importantly, the BitStarz casino website offers support in converting your first deposit Bitcoins to Euros. In other words, players can deposit Bitcoins and withdraw cash after fulfilling the wagering requirements. Please read the casino’s terms and conditions properly before depositing.

BitStarz Review – Play your favorite games online

Is BitStarz Safe?

BitStarz casino uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic technology making it the most secure Bitcoin casino of all time. And, as a crypto casino, it offers anonymity to players alongside the added advantage of SSL security. 

That being said, all you need to do is register using your email address. And, once your gaming account is created play the multitude of games bitstarz like Roulette Blackjack, slots and other poker games. In fact, you will get a couple of free spins as well without having to deposit a single penny. 

While BitStarz is the only casino online that allows players to play cash games using BTC, it must not be confused with Blitzstars. The SSL encryption and the option for players to convert their cryptocurrency to cash is only available at the BitStarz casino. Also, the latter has only two games with no assurance of secure deposits and withdrawals. While new games are added every other day at the BitStarz casino, players can also find popular casino games like Wolf Gold. 

BitStarz Review – Here New Games are Included Very Often

Also, BitStarz casino covers a broad range of gambling and other casino game types like table games, live casino games like live blackjack, BTC games, Jackpots, Slots, etc.

Easy Registration Process of BitStarz with Attractive Bonuses

In a bid to attract new players, many casinos online offer great bonuses like free spins, deposit bonuses, etc. However, most of the Bitcoin casinos require players to deposit a certain amount to complete the registration process.

Needless to say, it is not the case with BitStarz casino as the registration or the sign-up process is absolutely free. In fact, players receive 25 free spins on signing up as a welcome bonus. The players also have the option to go for a welcome package for just 5 BTC. Here, players also get an assured 180 free spins as a part of the bonus.  

Typically, the BitStarz casino welcome package is a good deal where players also get certain added benefits like 180 free spins for instance. Apart from this, players can also get an exclusive bonus when they use the BitStarz bonus code provided by BitStarz casino review pages. And, speaking of bonuses, on certain days, players get additional benefits like free spins, reload bonus, to name a few.

BitStarz Reviews – Enjoy 50% Reload Bonus Every Monday

While the free spins are generally offered on the BitStarz casino website every Wednesday, the reload bonus can be availed on Mondays. And, if you are not keen on deposit, you will still get a welcome bonus of up to 25 free spins. With these free spins, you can win more free spins and additional bonuses.

Using the first deposit bonus that literally doubles, you can play the different games at the BitStarz casino online to win an additional bonus. Please read the BitStarz casino terms and conditions along with wagering requirements properly for more details. 

BitStarz has Huge Selection of Games

The live casino section on the BitStarz casino website has popular live gambling games like roulette, video poker, etc. In fact, there are more than 2200 games to choose from. Although most of the games can be played with Bitcoins, there is a separate BTC games section for crypto players.

BitStarz Review – Provably Fair BTC Games on BitStarz

The different games on BitStarz casino include Wolf Gold along with new games and some of the classic live games. It also includes some of the Provably Fair games like Plinko and the live dealer games like live blackjack. And all the games can be played with a minimum deposit bonus. Also, whenever you win a game, the prize is added to your deposit bonus and thus enabling you to increase your bankroll. 

Nevertheless, while the games require certain credits from your gaming account, you can still play the free spins games. While 25 free spins are a given, you may also stand a chance to win up to 180 free spins based on the bonus package you choose. Thus, it is imperative to make a sound decision when choosing the right type of deposit bonus. 

Should I Choose the Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is ideal to experience all the games and the 180 free spins that you would receive comes as an added advantage to increase your bankroll. The wagering requirements to claim your winnings are 40x, which is easy to achieve with the wide selection of games. 

And, if you are not keen on going for the welcome pack, you can sign up for free where you get 25 free spins. Using these free spins you could still work on replenishing your bankroll. And, for the withdrawal of your free spins winnings, you would have to verify your account details. Nevertheless, we recommend the welcome bonus of 5 BTC as you can bet for a maximum of 1 mBTC or 5 EUR/USD or equivalent when the bonus is still active. 

The 180 free spins offered as a part of the welcome bonus is what drives players to go for it rather than making small deposits every now and then. But as the saying goes, to win big, you must bet big. And, this can only happen with an active bonus. 

BitStarz Reviews – Win Free spins Every Wednesday

Free Spins Wednesday is a salient aspect of the BitStarz casino. Every Wednesday, you can avail free spins when you make a deposit at the casino online and wager the same before midnight. The next day you will receive free spins and the number of free spins is determined by the amount you deposit. For instance, you will get 20 free spins for a deposit of 3 mBTC. 

Hassle-free Conversion of BTC to Euros

Turn your deposit bonus into Euros the easy way only at the BitStarz casino online. The process is quite simple indeed. Once you have satisfied the wagering requirements, you can withdraw the same. While you have made a deposit in BTC, you can convert it to Euros. This is one of the means of encashing your Bitcoins. 

Moreover, gambling at casino websites is considered illegal in certain countries, but the use of cryptocurrencies protects players from the jurisdiction imposed laws. This is the main reason why most prefer to play their favorite casino game using Bitcoins.

BitStarz Reviews – Convert the Balance in your Account to Euros 

Nonetheless, the objective to play is to win real money. And, thus, BitStarz casino provides you the option of converting your Bitcoins into Euros or its equivalent. 

Play with Free Spins to Win More Free Spins

What sets BitStarz casino apart from any other crypto casino is the free spins provided to the players. Typically, free spins enable you to play some games like Wheel of Fortune, Slots, Roulette, etc. And, whenever you play such games, you are in fact fulfilling the terms and conditions of wagering your deposit to withdraw the same. 

While there is the option to turn your Bitcoins into Euros at the BitStarz casino, you can play your free spins to qualify for withdrawal of the deposit. Or you can simply play the free spins to enjoy your favorite casino game online. In fact, there are many interesting games to win.

BitStarz Reviews – Lucky Spins at your Favorite Slot Games

If you have a particular type of casino game in mind, you can easily search for it on the BitStarz website. You do not have to download it as you can simply play the game online. Now, coming back to the free spins, you can either make use of the no deposit free spins or the welcome pack free spins. 

And, when you win the games, you will also receive some bonus amount using which you can play the other games at the BitStarz casino online. Every day you stand a chance to win and make big bucks. Whether it is jackpot or high stakes games, there’s plenty in store for you only at BitStarz.

BitStarz Reviews – Play to Put your Name on the BitStarz List


While you can find numerous crypto casinos online, you must look for the most important key feature which for instance at BitStarz is the option to convert BTC to Euros. Apart from this, BitStarz is a legit and safe casino as it uses SSL cryptographic technology to safeguard the player’s information and account details. The 2200+ games is an added advantage apart from the attractive free spins offer that makes BitStarz one of the most sought-after Bitcoin casinos online.

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