5 Times Michael & Erin Were Real BFFs (& 5 They Weren’t)

When Michael Scott quit Dunder Mifflin to start his own paper company and brought Pam with him, the Scranton branch hired Erin to cover Pam’s position. When Michael and Pam came back to Dunder Mifflin, it took some time for Michael to get used to Erin. He had been comfortable with Pam as his go-to gal for years, so talking to someone new was foreign for him. He also didn’t want to like Erin because she was hired by Charles Miner.

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Erin, on the other hand, adored Michael from the start and wanted to be friends with him. And when she finally wore him down, they were the same on The Office. Some may even say Erin Hannon is the female version of Michael Scott! They were low-key best friends who loved and annoyed each other.

10 BFFs: Celebrating Holly Being Single

When Holly Flax came back to Scranton, Michael was hurt to find out that she was still with her boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. But after some girl talk, Holly revealed she was giving her boyfriend an ultimatum: if he didn’t propose by Christmas she was breaking up with him. To prepare for a newly single or taken Holly, Michael and Erin created happy and sad boxes to celebrate or wallow with.

As soon as Michael saw Holly’s ringless finger, he and Erin sprinted to his office to celebrate in one of the most adorable moments on The Office.

9 Frenemies: Secretary’s Day

michael and erin on secretarys day - the office

“Secretary’s Day” was a shaky start for Erin and Michael. Andy wanted to make National Secretary’s Day memorable for Erin now that they were dating, so he went all out on an office party for her. Michael was forced to take Erin out to lunch where the two would get to know each other more.

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Sadly for her, the conversation did not go in her favor. Michael didn’t want to be there and acted like a child. He even broke the news that Erin wasn’t the first woman Andy was with in the office.

8 BFFs: Erin Protecting Michael From Holly

classy christmas - the office

In “Classy Christmas,” Holly was coming back to the Scranton branch and would be there just in time for the office’s Christmas party. It’s in this episode that Michael finds out Holly was not single and was living with her boyfriend. He was devastated because he planned a classy Christmas party around her, only to find out she would rather be in Nashua. The two get into a heated argument and as Michael walks away, Holly tries to go after him but is immediately stopped by Erin. In a bodyguard stance, she says “No!” to stop Holly from hurting Michael even more.

7 Frenemies: The Glee Party

erin and michael - the office

In “Viewing Party,” Erin is no longer dating Andy and was now with Gabe. As a couple, the two invited everyone over to Gabe’s apartment to host a Glee viewing party.

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As per usual, Michael was annoyed. He was mad he had to go to a viewing party at Gabe’s house and that everyone wanted to go, and once he saw how beautiful Gabe’s home-life was he became jealous. The whole night was a fiasco. What’s worse is that Michael ignored Erin and her generosity the entire night. He did not realize that she looked at him as a father figure and was seeking his approval. His sour personality made Erin overthink.

6 BFFs: Cafe Disco


In the episode “Cafe Disco,” Erin and Michael aren’t besties yet but it was clear the two had a lot in common. Michael wanted to create a relaxing place outside of the office where employees could go to have coffee and dance. He called it Cafe Disco. It was another one of his epic projects.

Sadly, the cafe was a flop after Phyllis pulled her back while dancing. However, once Erin went down to the cafe with Kelly, the two girls began dancing and having a great time. This brought more people to join them, and an eventual party was started. If it weren’t for Erin and Kelly going back to an empty Cafe Disco, Michael’s dream would not be a reality.

5 Frenemies: Scott’s Tots

scotts tots erins shirt

“Scott’s Tots” was a unique episode for Michael and Erin because they started as frenemies and ended as friends.

When Michael had to go back and see the group of students he promised college tuition to, the only person who would willingly go with him was Erin. Michael begged other people to join him but they all knew Michael did a terrible thing and he had to face it himself. Erin elected to go with him but it only made it worse for Michael. In his mind, Erin wasn’t as comforting to him as Pam was. The day ended up being horrific but if it wasn’t for Erin, Michael wouldn’t have smiled at the end.

4 BFFs: They’re On The Same Wavelength

erin brings jim ants on a log - the office

It’s undeniable that Erin and Michael have the same maturity level. They both laugh at the same things, are natural dreamers, and like adding fun to their day. All Erin wanted was a group of people who loved her; a family. Likewise, that’s what Michael was trying to achieve after years of working as a regional manager.

When Jim was promoted to regional manager, Erin came in at 2:30 pm with “ants on a log” (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins). When Jim asked why Erin made him that particular snack, Erin said Michael asked her to do it for him every afternoon before spinning him around in his desk chair until he became dizzy.

3 Frenemies: He Set Erin Up With Kevin

The Office Erin and kevin

In “The Delivery: Part 2,” Michael becomes a matchmaker and sets up Erin and Kevin. Erin feels bamboozled because she liked Andy, not Kevin. She told Michael she didn’t want to go on the lunch date that Michael set up for the two of them but he convinces her to do it by claiming Kevin had an elephant heart and could die if she hurts him…

If Michael cared about Erin as much as he made it seem, he wouldn’t have put her in this position. Erin later told Kevin that she didn’t have feelings for him, which is when she found out that Michael was the one who told Kevin she liked him in the first place.

2 BFFs: She Finds Michael When He Is Lost

erin and dwight looking for michael - the office

There isn’t anything Erin wouldn’t do for Michael. She picked him up on the side of the road after he attempted to join a missionary trip to South America and she tried finding him when he was lost in Scranton with no money or cell phone.

With the help of Dwight and Holly, Erin went all around the city to find Michael in one piece and bring him home safely. And even though she disliked Holly, Erin knew she was the one person who could find Michael.

1 Frenemies: He Hates Gabe

Part of being a good friend is getting along with your friend’s significant other, even if you’re not quite fond of them. Michael, however, never followed this rule. He loathed Gabe and his “creepiness,” which meant he never really supported Erin’s relationship with him. For Erin, this was difficult.  Having the one guy she looked up to in the office dislike her relationship was hard on her.

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